Joined PTP: January 7, 2008

From: Tennessee

Birthdate: October 14, 1982

Shoe Size:  6

Favorite Type of Shoe:  heels

Smokes:  no

Favorite Car:  Lexus

What cars do you or have you owned?  Now: Explorer; Previously: Lexus SUV, Civic, and Altima

Worst Car Trouble Experience:  running out of gas

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  • The girls are dressed and ready to go out for a bite to eat. Reese gets in the car while Scarlet closes the garage door. You hear the throttle linkage click as Reese pumps the gas a few times and turns the car over….nothing. Pump pump, turn the key…nothing again,….

  • She’s heading home after staying the night at your place because she was way too tired after going out for some drinks with you last night. You walk her to her car and start to head back inside when you hear that her car isn’t starting. So, like any gentleman….

  • Reese Revving the Coronet – #392
    Starring - December 31st, 2015

    Reese romping on that gas pedal in some sexy peep toe sandals, sheer pantyhose and a cute dress. She gives that sly little smile as she’s making the engine rpm’s dance!

  • Reese is getting a jump but whether she holds it down or pumps it, the Monte Carlo isn’t wanting to start.  A few different angles for 9+ minutes of her trying to get the car started in sheer pantyhose, leather pumps and a sexy leather outfit.

  • She’s dressed in a sexy leather outfit with pantyhose and some stiletto leather pumps.  She walks to the car, gets in and cranks the car…it doesn’t start.  No big deal, it takes a few times to get started.  She tries again and again, still nothing.  She’s pumping it lightly before….

  • They probably should have not taken the Volvo out tonight since it gave them a lot of trouble when trying to leave the house (not seen in this video).  Reese is a bit rusty at driving the Volvo, so Scarlet puts her behind the wheel first so that she can….

  • Reese Revving the Jeep – #384
    Starring - May 29th, 2015

    She’s walking out of the store and crosses the large parking lot in her cowgirl boots and tall socks.  She hops in, starts up the car and starts romping on that gas pedal!  She slides off the boots halfway in the clip and starts revving up that motor in her….

  • Reese Cranking the Camaro – #382
    Starring - April 5th, 2015

    Reese has to show her boyfriends car to a potential buyer.  She answers the door and slips on her Adidas sandals to walk with you to the car.  She tells you a few things about it and you ask her to start it up.  She eagerly agrees and gets in….

  • She’s filling up the tank of the thirsty Z/28.  When she’s done, she hops in and drives back to the house were she does a bit of revving before turning the car off.

  • Reese Cranking the Monte Carlo – #387
    Starring - August 10th, 2014

    She’s heading in to the office but can’t get her car started.  She’s wearing her scrubs and Swedish clogs so she can get right to work when she arrives but it looks like she’s going to have to call in instead.  She’s stomping the gas to floor at the end….