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Posted by on November 11th, 2016

VIP Customs Update & Aubrey

The scheduled shooting for Vivian has changed a bit. We’re starting a few days later and the shoot may end up being cut short. BUT, there’s a possibility she’ll be coming back in December to make up those days. So, for now, I’m holding off on invoicing any new customs until I’ve talked with her next week when she gets here. If you’ve already been invoiced and paid, we’ll be doing yours this first go-around. If you’ve submitted an form but haven’t been invoiced yet, my intentions are to invoice you folks for when she comes back for December. More info will come next week, thanks for your patience! 🙂

Also, I am unable to help or assist in any issues you’ve had with ordering a custom or clips from Aubrey Ambrosia. Please do not email me as there is nothing I can do for you. I’ve had no part in her content creation, store management or communication with her since she went and did her own thing around late 2011, early 2012’ish.

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