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  • HanaMari_mixed_1970volvo_goodluckgettingitstarted-pic

    So Mari is getting coached by her big sister, Hana.  She’s doing okay, for never having driven a stick shift before.  She gets the car to move some but the whole clutch thing when stopping is causing issues.  Lots of stalling and flooded startups with views from inside and out….

  • Reese_mixed_74coronet_leathersuitbootsgloves-pic

    This is the last clip series I have of the amazing, lovely and awesome pedal pumper Reese!   She found this white leather suit in our closet and wanted to pair it with some sexy leather gloves and matching black leather boots.  It was a cold day, so the outfit….

  • Barbie_mixed_74coronet_ladyinredpumping-pic

    This last clip is mostly leg shots, capturing those super sexy red thigh high boots working the gas and brake pedals.  She’s driving down the road now that the car is warmed up but she quickly discovers that it’s not running entirely smooth.  It stalls out a few times but….

  • Scarlet Boots Startup Compilation #1
    Starring - June 17th, 2013


    For those of you that don’t know, Scarlet purchased the 1986 Monte Carlo for her site when we had a stint apart from each other.  She loves that car, even though it’s a clunker.  You don’t hear girls saying that about old junk cars often but it’s true, she does….

  • Penny_mixed_86montecarlo_tornjeanscowgirlbootstease-pic

    The car is running, yay, she can go now….but…wait, she’s looking at you withthat look.  What is she up to?  She reaches for the key and turns the car off, still looking at you and starts pumping the gas pedal.  “Oh Boy!”, you think to yourself as she’s wanting to….

  • HanaMari_mixed_1970volvo_goodluckgettingitstarted-pic

    Hana is going to teach Mari how to start and hopefully drive a manual transmission vehicle.  It’s a cold winters day and the girls slip into the Volvo with Hana starting out behind the wheel first.  Hana is having some genuine cold-starting issues with the Volvo and ends up killing….

  • DirtyDiana_mixed_77camaro_girlstryingtogooutboots-pic

    The girls are dressed up and ready to go out for the night.  They’re going to take the Camaro and apparently Scarlet assumed she was going to drive but Dirty Diana races them to the drivers side door and begs to be the one to drive.  Cassandra reminds her that….

  • VivianIreenePierce_mixed_88blazer_carpoolingpredicament-pic

    It’s Vivian’s turn to drive today for her carpooling schedule.  Her neighbor has arrived and is with her as she starts the process of getting the Blazer started.  She can tell that her passenger is getting a bit nervous that her car isn’t starting but she reassures him that it’s….

  • Mandie_rev_61cadillac_leathershortsotkboots-pic

    While we had the old Cadillac at our disposal, Mandie had kept asking to rev it up.  She loved this old Caddy and when I finally told her that she could rev it, she could hardly wait!  She ran inside to change and came out with this sexy outfit!  She….

  • Curator Cassandra, Log Entry 003
    Starring - May 16th, 2013


    “Today wasn’t too bad.  The Coronet started up easy but the Bus had some battery connection issues.  Took 2 or 3 times to get a good connection.  Need maintenance to check it out when they can.  The Volvo & Camaro behaved nicely, didn’t take too much pumping to get them….