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  • Hana_mixed_86montecarlo_ridingoutfitveryflooded-pic

    Hana films herself as she cranks the Monte Carlo in her sexy riding outfit.  She pumps the pedal firmly and battles for 6 minutes with the car before finally getting it to start.  She tries to make up for lost time when she hits the road!

  • BrookeGemScarlet_mixed_multiple_mudslingingonawindyday-pic

    We finish out this little adventure with the girls still stuck in the mud in the Jeep.  This little soupy spot looks like it’s going to do them in but Brooke keeps working it and manages to wiggle her way out of this troublesome mess!  After that, we begin our….

  • Gem_mixed_77camaro_neighborhoodcruisestallboots-pic

    It’s one of them days where the car just says “NO!” when you try to start it.  Gem kills a battery, replaces it and fights with the old Chevy till it does manage to start up.  It’s running rough and keeps stalling on her as she’s backing it up and….

  • Scarlet Cranks & Revs the Coronet – #235
    Starring - November 24th, 2013


    Scarlet is going to warm the car up but is having trouble getting it started on this cold morning.  She stomps the pedal as she cranks the car over and over again until it finally starts.  Now she can rev the piss out of it and take some of her….

  • Vassanta Rainy Day Rainboots Woes
    Starring - November 21st, 2013


    It’s a nasty nasty day out and it gets even nastier for Vassanta when her old car won’t start.  When it’s humid and wet outside, her piece of shit doesn’t want to start!  She pumps the gas pedal aggressively as she has a long battle with this old car in….

  • Scarlet_crank_77camaro_outofgascowgirlboots-pic

    She went by to start up the Camaro but it wouldn’t start.  Come to find out, it was really really low on gas.  We added some to it and she tries again but it takes a bit to get it fired up.

  • BrookeGemScarlet_mixed_multiple_mudslingingonawindyday-pic

    So we last left the girls with Brooke getting behind the wheel of the Jeep.  Not to be outdone by Gem, Brooke runs the Jeep through the soupiest, muddiest part of the mud and gets the big Jeep stuck pretty good!  Scarlet is still riding shotgun and co-piloting as Brooke….

  • Ellie Mae Revving the Jeep in Pantyhose
    Starring - November 9th, 2013


    She’s in the Jeep, pumping the gas pedal about a dozen times before firing it up.  The black smoke is shot through the bushes that are parked right next to the exhaust pipe.  She warms up the Jeep for a few minutes in with her cowgirl boots on and then….

  • Cassandra the ‘Sexy Substitute’
    Starring - November 2nd, 2013


    She thought it would’ve been fitting to dress-up on her day she had to fill in as a substitute at the local middle-school.  She walks to her Camaro with her briefcase in a super sexy teachers costume.  She slips behind the wheel only to find that her car is being….

  • KimberlyLayna_mixed_1970volvo_sexycostumelateforparty-pic1

    The girls are heading to a casual costume party this afternoon.  Layna hops behind the wheel first to try her hand at starting the Volvo.  She doesn’t have much luck.  Kimberly is giving Layna a hard time for not being able to start the car.  Eventually, they swap seats and….