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  • Scarlet Cranking the Camaro – #338
    Starring - August 31st, 2014


    Finishing up this month of 30 updates, who better to bring our ’10 Year Celebration’ month to a close than Scarlet herself.  She has a ton of issues with this car today.  She has to stop and get gas before heading to a fast food joint to pick up some….

  • VivianCassandraScarlet_mixed_77camaro_girlsgoingouttoeatboots(TV-cut)-pic

    The ladies are going to get a bite to eat and they’re taking Vivian’s old not-so-trusty Camaro.  Scarlet is in the back seat as Cassandra has to move her car while Vivian is trying to start her car.  Multiple angles capture the action as the first half of the video….

  • Jenny_mixed_77camaro_reddressblackhosebootsgloves-pic

    She’s driving along and enjoying the rumbling of the old Camaro!  She’s never driven it before, so she’s not going too crazy but she isn’t a grandma driver either.  She rests her gloved hand on the gear selector as she cruises along on this pretty day.  When we get to….

  • Hana Driving the 01 Camaro SS – #515
    Starring - August 18th, 2014


    She has too much fun driving this car around.  She’s trying not to get into trouble but she just wants to open it up!  She drives through traffic for a bit before hitting the interstate where she gets on it a few times and then revs the car hard in….

  • Audrey_mixed_77camaro_sexyteachergivesridetoschool-pic

    Mrs. Audrey is still trying to get her old car started in the school parking lot.  The hood is up but no one has stopped to help.  You like watching her pump that gas pedal in her brown boots.  She keeps reassuring you that it’ll be okay.  When she is….

  • VivianIreenePierce_mixed_77camaro_custom422-pic

    Vivian uses her old Camaro as a taxi service to make some extra money.  You’ve called her to come pick you up and you’re waiting outside as she comes whipping into your driveway.  The car conks out just as you’re getting in and she apologizes for being late as she….

  • KimberlyHeart_crank_77camaro_flipflopsjumpstartselffilmed-pic

    The battery is dead very weak and after a few tries, it’s pretty much dead.  The Jeep is hooked up to the Camaro to give it some juice but it’s not enough.  She’s filming herself as she tries getting the old car to start, pumping that gas in her flip….

  • Reese Revving the Camaro – #385
    Starring - August 2nd, 2014


    Just some fun revving in the old and loud 77 Camaro in a parking lot.  She starts out revving with her Harley boots on but slips them off to do revving in just her tall socks!

  • Mari_mixed_77camaro_purplepumpslearning2foot-pic

    This video covers a few requests.  The first is a girl doing some pedal pumping wearing shoes a size or two too big.  Secondly, Mari has never had to learn how to ‘tw0 foot’ an automatic vehicle, so, after she gets it started, she gets her first lesson.

  • Hana Hotrodding in the Camaro – #499
    Starring - July 18th, 2014


    Hana isn’t afraid to push that pedal in the old Camaro down!  Her white stiletto pumps romp on the gas pedal with the car in gear and in neutral.  Lots of hard revving while coasting in this clip!  If you like a girl being hard on a car and having….