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  • Scarlet_crank_77camaro_custom610-pic

    We watch from an outside view, Scarlet climbs into the old Camaro to leave the store but it’s not wanting to start.  You can see her bouncing in the seat as she’s working gas pedal.  We then swap to an over-the-shoulder shot of her struggling, here, you can see her….

  • DirtyDiana_mixed_01ss_custom562-pic

    She’s wearing this sexy satin dress with a black leather jacket over it along with sheer hose and white patent thigh high boots.  She’s in the Camaro, ready to make some noise!  She gets on it, getting up to speed pretty quick and throws it in neutral often to rev….

  • Mandie_mixed_77camaro_startupdriveloafershoseselffilmed-pic

    I gave her a camera and the keys to the Camaro and turned her loose.  A perfect example of Mandie being Mandie and why we love the hell out of her!  Some cranking in the beginning, lots of driving, some revving while coasting and a whole lot of ‘Mandie flair’….

  • DirtyDiana_mixed_77camaro_picnicwithfamilyyellowstilettos-pic

    She’s excited to be going with you to your annual family picnic.  She hopes your family likes her and her cute outfit.  She wants to drive there because she loves your Camaro.  When she gets in and tries to start it, it sounds like the battery is disconnected.  Don’t worry,….

  • Cassandra_mixed_multiple_whitepumpsdenimskirtcustomshenanigans-pic

    This is another one of our, what I’ve labled as, “Customs Shenanigans” clips.  There is some talking, joking and foul language between Cassandra and myself as she’s getting the Camaro situated and trying to start up the Coronet.  These are times when I keep the camera rolling because you never….

  • VivianIreenePierce_bf_77camaro_custom572-pic

    Vivian finds herself in a precarious situation when she’s driving her Camaro and the brakes go out because someone tampered with her lines.  Will she stop?  Will she DIEEEE?!?!

  • Reese Cranking the Camaro – #382
    Starring - April 5th, 2015


    Reese has to show her boyfriends car to a potential buyer.  She answers the door and slips on her Adidas sandals to walk with you to the car.  She tells you a few things about it and you ask her to start it up.  She eagerly agrees and gets in….

  • Hana Driving the Camaro SS – #516
    Starring - April 3rd, 2015


    This is the follow up to #515 with Hana.  She’s changed and ready to do some more fun driving in Shish’s Camaro SS.  Sorry for all the screaming and yelling she does but she’s having a good time in this powerful car.  She weaves through traffic, taking it up to….

  • Riley Cranking the Camaro – #469
    Starring - March 28th, 2015


    Looks like the peeping pervert is at it again, this time, Riley is the girl of choice.  She walks out to her old Camaro as we watch from an upstairs window and through a set of blinds.  Riley has this cute denim outfit on with her jeans rolled up like….

  • TylerJenny_mixed_77camaro_ridinginthestrugglebuswedges-pic

    Tyler finally gets the old Camaro started and sits for a moment at the 4-way intersection to rev the car up and to see if it’ll stay running.  Looks like they’re back in business and she hangs a right and gets back to some back road driving fun.  The next….