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  • KamillaBuddah_crank_77camaro_floodedDadscar-pic

    She’s not supposed to use the Camaro without permission but Kamilla sneaks it out sometimes when she knows he’s not going to be home for a bit. She’s got experience starting these old cars but on damp, cold days it sometimes takes a little more experience to get these old….

  • Mandie Driving the SS in White Pumps
    Starring - February 7th, 2016


    Just riding around in between doing some custom videos. Those white pumps stand out against the dark floorboard as she shifts gears and revs it sometimes while coasting.

  • KimberlyHeart_mixed_77camaro_precustomshenanigans-pic

    She’s got the outfit on, the script memorized and we just need to head to the location. She gets in, cranks up the Camaro (after some struggling, of course) and revs it up. Her white turtleneck sweater with that leather trench coats gives her that 70’s vibe. Black pantyhose and….

  • Hana Drives & Revs the Camaro – #511
    Starring - January 17th, 2016


    She’s ripping it up in the Camaro today. Wearing a pair of slightly-too-big patent white wedge peep-toe sandals with a cute-n-fluffy polka-dot skirt. She punches the gas to the floor, revs while in neutral and just really gives the car a workout!

  • Scarlet Cranking the Camaro – #450
    Starring - January 16th, 2016


    It’s an over-cast and chilly day today and Scarlet uncovers a red Camaro that is for sale and is exactly what she’s been looking for! She wants to buy it but wants to see how it runs. The seller gets in the passenger seat and Scarlet explains she knows how….

  • Brooke_mixed_77camaro_custom589-pic

    She wants you to get in and ride with her since she’s been having trouble with her car. It gives her issues from the get-go but she gets it fired up and hits the road. She doesn’t make it too far before the car acts up again. At the second stop sign, the….

  • Brooke Driving the Camaro SS – #695
    Starring - December 25th, 2015


    This is a long video (54+ minutes) of Brooke driving and hot-rodding my Camaro around. She uses a few different pairs of shoes and drives, revs and revs while driving the 6-speed Chevy! Filmed from the passenger side for the whole video, she works those 3 pedals and has some….

  • Tinsley_crank_multiple_cheerleadercantgettopractice-pic1

    Gotta put in the time for those great half-time shows but as much as she loves her old cars, they can really test her patience. Today is one of those days. It’s a beautiful day and she’s leaving the house to take the old 77 Z28 to practice. She’s got….

  • Vassanta Driving the Camaro – #665
    Starring - December 12th, 2015


    She hops in, fires it up and takes off, not wasting any time to try and make it to the bus stop on time to pick you up. Her platform stiletto sandals mash that gas pedal down as she drives along these curvy country roads. She ends up making it….

  • Hana Revving the Camaro – #473
    Starring - December 5th, 2015


    A short denim skirt, bare legs and black leather stiletto pumps romping away on the Camaro’s gas pedal!