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  • Barbie_crank_multiple_colddaydeadcarsboots-pic

    With the Blazer failing her before, Barbie scurries to the Volvo in hopes she has better luck with it.  The gas pedal is broke off still in the Volvo, so she has to pump the rod that used to hold the gas pedal on it.  The Volvo sputters and coughs….

  • Vassanta_mixed_86montecarlo_blacksheerhosepumps-pic

    Vassanta struts over to the Monte Carlo in her sexy secretary outfit.  She’s gotta head to work and needs no fuss from the pile of junk car she has.  She gets in, pumps it up and turns the key…whhrr whrrr whhhrrr wwwhhhrrrrr.  She’s very firm with the gas pedal, making….

  • Reese_crank_72superbug_jeansbrowncowgirlboots-pic

    Reese wraps up this series in typical Reese fashion…with her southern flair and sexiness!  She is revving the Bug and after it’s good and warmed up, she starts teasing you by turning the engine off and flooding it.  She bounces and begs as she pretends like she doesn’t know why….

  • Reese_crank_72superbug_jeansbrowncowgirlboots-pic

    Part 2 of this series shows Reese making some progress.  She is getting the Bug to sputter and she thinks the closer she gets, more she needs to pump until she realizes that holding it to the floor is when the magic starts.   She finally gets it running at….

  • SugarSweet Revving VW Bus Barefoot
    Starring - February 25th, 2012


    SugarSweet hops in the old Bus and makes the motor sing various tunes.  She starts out slow and easy but then picks up the pace towards the end.  Some close up feet shots and exhaust shots round out this video for your barefoot revving fans out there.

  • Aubrey_mixed_1970volvo_whitedressredpeeptoe-pic

    Aubrey hops in the Volvo and takes a bit to get it started.  She pumps for a while in her red peep toe stiletto shoes but figures she might have better luck with her bare feet.  She takes them off, starts pumping and sure enough, the Volvo starts!  She revs….

  • Reese_crank_72superbug_jeansbrowncowgirlboots-pic

    This first clip is of Reese trying really hard to start the VW Bug.  I told her she had to pump it a lot to get it started but I had no idea she was going to flood it as bad as she did.  The angle that shows the exhaust,….

  • CandleScarlet_mixed_multiple_hotforteacher-pic2

    Candle is substituting for the Saturday detention kids at her local high school.  She thought she’d throw on something that might give her an advantage in keeping them under control.  In this second clip, we pick up with Candle giving the Volvo another few tries to start but realizing it’s….

  • MadalynnRaye_mixed_1970volvo_blackleatherpantsbrownboots-pic

    Madalynn Raye comes walking up to the volvo in a sexy outfit, gets behind the wheel and starts the Volvo.  She proceeds to do some revving in the car and likes to look back at the exhaust to watch her handy-work.  After a bit of revving, she pops the hood….

  • Bubbles Cranking the Cadillac in Boots
    Starring - December 24th, 2011


    Bubbles tries to get the Cadillac started this whole clip.  It never starts for her and she ends up draining the battery all the way down.  Lots of begging, sweet talking and pedal pumping to satisfy you cranking fans.