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  • She gives the big, floor mounted gas pedal few quick pumps and turns the key.  The car sputters to life and she immediately begins romping the gas pedal to the floor, blowing smokey exhaust out that tailpipe.  The pine straw and leaves on the ground get blown away as the….

  • Hana Cranks & Smokey Revs the BMW 2002
    Starring - December 5th, 2012

    Hana does her thing in the old BMW 2002 wearing some tight, khaki short shorts and some strappy peep toe sandals.  She wants to go vroom vroom in the little Euro sports car but she has to get it started first.  Her style of giving a lot of pumps before….

  • Starting an old ‘Swedish brick’ with a choke can be challenging at times.  It’s an art form getting the right amount of choke going to keep the car running when it’s cold without choking it too much.  Cassandra is pretty good at it but the Volvo still gets the best….

  • She closes the trunk to the old car and walks to the drives seat as you follow behind her…behind.  She has on a pair of shorts that would make Daisey Duke look twice.  She gets in the old BMW and does some very smokey exhaust revving with a pair of….

  • Kristen Runs the Volvo Out of Fuel
    Starring - September 21st, 2012

    The Volvo runs out of gas before Kristen gets it warmed up enough to go to the gas station.  It’s hard to start and when she does get it running, it’ll rev for a bit before it starts backfiring and popping.  Her revving durations get shorter and shorter as the….

  • It’s a cold and rainy day, so Star wraps up in a beanie, big coat and a pair of rain boots to keep her feet from getting wet.  She’s 7 months along and wants to head out and start the old Coronet so she can take it out later.  It’s….

  • Finishing the week off with Scarlet giving the long-gone Fleetwood some loving abuse.  We’re shuffling cars around and she needs to move the Cadillac so we can get to the other cars.  It’s not cooperating with the whole starting thing.  You can tell she’s really having to fight with it….

  • Reese does nothing but rev this old Caddy’s engine non-stop in part 2 of this series.  Once she’s had her fill of payback for the car not starting, she shuts it off and gets out of the car without a concern or car in the world for it’s current state.

  • After this video was done, the Cadillac and the spot where the car was parked, were never the same.  She assaults this Cadillac with those pointy-toed, stiletto leather boots and makes it submit to her demands to start.  It talks back and puts up a fight but she does win….

  • Soooo our little strategy didn’t work on Damara using the gravel for traction and getting out of the mess she got us into.  She’s now made the situation worse by sliding off the driveway into a big washoff ditch.  The right rear tire is just spinning in the mud and….