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  • She made it home and has finished changing from her workout clothes into her office outfit which consists of a sexy short dress and peep toe stiletto heels. She’s already running late and hurries to the car, gets in and holds the key up to demand the car to not give….

  • Paige is leaving an event where she’s one of the last ones to leave and finds that her car won’t start! To top it off, she’s pregnant and doesn’t need this kind of stress. She figures she’ll just call for help but her phone dies…great…doesn’t that only happen in the….

  • She didn’t think she could get stuck in a Jeep in her own yard! The ground is surprisingly slick and she finds out that just because it says ‘Jeep’ doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get stuck. Between the engine stalling out and her tires spinning in the mud, Vivian’s frustration….

  • We take various cars out for our daily errands or trips. This results in random, spur-of-the-moment video clips like the one filmed on this day. We drove the 1972 VW Super Beetle to lunch and Scarlet almost couldn’t get it cranked in the parking lot when we were leaving.

  • Whew, she didn’t think she was ever going to get the car started! She’s on her way back home after walking and is having to deal with this damn car constantly stalling on her! It’s so temperamental…if you turn the steering too far, if you hit the gas too quick,….

  • You get a solid 11 minutes of Kate strugging in this little Uno as if you’re a bug on the floorboard. That right foot of hers pumping the gas pedal, desperately trying to get the car to start but it isn’t going to happen because she’s swamped the engine with….

  • Mandie Cranking the Coronet – #188
    Starring - May 15th, 2016

    Mandie comes in wearing the outfit you like for her to have car trouble in. She asks if you like it when her car doesn’t start from her flooding it? She even demonstrates how she’s going to flood it for you by sitting in a chair and moving her foot….

  • Cherry before trying to get the Renault started: “Oh, it’s so cute!” Cherry after trying to get the Renault started: “#%$*&*#$*%@#$!@)$%*!!!” Needless to say, she didn’t succeed. Welcome to PTP, Cherry! 😉

  • I still manage to keep finding some clips from the last Caddy we had. This one is a nice clip of Hana ready to go out but it’s chilly and damp outside, which probably means her car isn’t going to start. Filmed entirely from the backseat, she struggles for over….

  • “Come on!” ….that damn Jeep being a pain again! “COME ON!!” Ok, try a different car because who can have 2 cars in one day not start for them? That’s, like, impossible…right? Nope, not for Scarlet as she can’t get the Monte Carlo started at first but after some glorious….