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  • DirtyDiana_crank_77camaro_custom333-pic

    The Scenario: “Diana is heading to the car, shoes in hand. She hops in and sets her shoes (on the floor or passanger seat).She wants to leave quickly, but soon realizes that it won’t be that easy. After a few tries, she pauses to put her shoes on.Then once again,….

  • Nyxon_crank_72superbug_blackdresscreambootstalking-pic

    Played around with a ceiling shot in the Bug when this lovely lady stopped by well over a year ago.  She tries starting the 72 Super Beetle but it’s being it’s typical annoying self.  She talks a lot about her struggles and even teases you a bit, asking if this….

  • Scarlet Boots Startup Compliation #2
    Starring - August 21st, 2013


    For those of you that don’t know, Scarlet purchased the 1986 Monte Carlo for her site when we had a stint apart from each other.  She loves that car, even though it’s a clunker.  You don’t hear girls saying that about old junk cars often but it’s true, she does….

  • Star_mixed_multiple_wedgesandalsfloodit-pic

    Star has some issues getting the Camaro started.  I could taste the gas in the air but she kept on pumping until the car finally starts.  She goes to back up and when she puts it into ‘Drive’, the stumbles and stalls.  It doesn’t take her quite as long this….

  • Barbie_mixed_1970volvo_leatherjacketboots-pic

    Today is one of those days where the Volvo acts like a 2 year old throwing an epic temper tantrum.  Barbie tries pumping it in different ways to see if the car will respond and it just isn’t working.  Her frustration is building as the car just keeps giving her….

  • MadalynnRaye_mixed_86montecarlo_custom360-pic

    Madalynn just got called in to work on her day off and she isn’t too thrilled about it.  To top things off, her old junker doesn’t seem to want to start!  Grrr!  By the time she does get it started, she’s already running late and is probably going to get….

  • BrookeGemScarlet_mixed_multiple_mudslingingonawindyday-pic

    Brooke & Gem stopped by for some filming on this chilly and very windy early Spring day.  We did a few videos and after some talking of what to do next, we decided to take the Jeep and Bug to this muddy field and see if we can have some….

  • KimberlyHeart_crank_72superbug_custom259-pic

    Kimberly Heart has stalled out in the Bug on the side of the road and can’t get the car to start back up!  She pumps a lot with her brown mules slapping against her heel.  She even tries with no shoes on but that doesn’t work either.  Cars go by….

  • Reese_mixed_74coronet_leathersuitbootsgloves-pic

    Poor poor Reese’s struggle continues in the big old Mopar!!

  • Penny in ‘Schoolgirl Jeep Cranking’
    Starring - August 3rd, 2013


    She’s running a bit behind already and now her damn car won’t start!  She tries and tries to get the engine to start but she’s not sure if she’s pumping it too much or not enough.  She keeps pumping the pedal in her stiletto booties but it looks like she’s….