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  • Brooke & Gem Heading to the Gym
    Starring , - June 16th, 2013


    They’re wanting to go do a little workout but their car won’t start.  Both girls give it a try but they just end up killing the battery.  Brooke gets out of the car to go call someone else for a ride as Gem is draining the battery all the way….

  • Penny_mixed_86montecarlo_tornjeanscowgirlbootstease-pic

    The car is running, yay, she can go now….but…wait, she’s looking at you withthat look.  What is she up to?  She reaches for the key and turns the car off, still looking at you and starts pumping the gas pedal.  “Oh Boy!”, you think to yourself as she’s wanting to….

  • AlexRayne_crank_74coronet_custom300-pic

    Alex Rayne is monitoring Saturday detention at her school and is ready to go home.  She heads to her old Coronet while talking to a friend that she’s going to be meeting soon.  She finishes her conversation, slides in behind the wheel and has trouble getting her car to start. ….

  • DirtyDiana_mixed_77camaro_girlstryingtogooutboots-pic

    The girls are dressed up and ready to go out for the night.  They’re going to take the Camaro and apparently Scarlet assumed she was going to drive but Dirty Diana races them to the drivers side door and begs to be the one to drive.  Cassandra reminds her that….

  • Evian_crank_74coronet_helpinghanddramalesson-pic

    She wants your help to get her old Coronet started so she can sell it.  She gets behind the wheel and starts spinning it over while you watch.  She’s giving it plenty of gas but it’s not catching.  Her size 10.5 boot forcefully pumps the gas throughout most of this….

  • EllieMae_mixed_86montecarlo_dresshoseplatformstilettos-pic

    She’s in a bit of a hurry to leave and her old junk car doesn’t want to start.  She pumps the gas pedal in her stiletto platform pumps and does get the car to start but it keeps stalling out when she goes to put it in gear.  Each time….

  • VivianIreenePierce_mixed_72superbug_sexydresspeeptoeheels-pic

    This is a back-n-forth between 2 cameras watching Vivian Ireene Pierce start and drive the 72 Super Beetle.  She has some trouble starting the old air-cooled engine on this warm day but after some slick foot work, she clears the engine out and heads out.  Lots of shifting, turning and….

  • Candle_mixed_1970volvo_custom148-pic

    This was another custom video done for an adoring fan of Candle.  She’s wearing a sexy white button down blouse, a short black mini-skirt, black pantyhose and black patent stiletto pumps.  She slips in behind the steering wheel and teases you with just about everything she does…starting the car, working….

  • Penny_mixed_86montecarlo_tornjeanscowgirlbootstease-pic

    This video hits some more requests…torn jeans and ponytails! You’re going to ride with Penny to the arts-n-crafts store but she can’t get her car started at first.  She keeps trying and finally gets it to start and proceeds to rev it up to clear it out and warm it….

  • Barbie_mixed_74coronet_ladyinredpumping-pic

    Barbie is still cranking away in that old Dodge and after a few minutes in this clip, she gets some life out of it!  It sputters, bucks, kicks and coughs just before dying.  She keeps at it, getting closer and closer to getting the engine to actually rev up.  Success…finally! ….