Tag: flooded

  • Audrey in “A Woman With a Plan”
    Starring - December 22nd, 2014


    Audrey is in her car, about to leave her friends house with that friend calls her.  They’re chatting about some things they forgot to mention and during the conversation, her friend tells Audrey that her brother is leaving.  Audrey has a crush on her friends brother and gets excited because….

  • Cassandra_crank_71vwbus_whiteoutfittaupekneehighboots-pic

    Cassandra had stopped by the house for something unrelated to filming.  She slipped on these brand new boots that a fan sent in and decided it would be a great idea to break them in by trying to start the Bus.

  • VivianIreenePierce_mixed_1970volvo_sneakersPTPshuffle-pic

    The Volvo died at the end of the driveway in a previous video (not posted yet) and she’s now changed and going to try to get it started so she can run back over to Cassandra’s.  It’s been sitting for a few hours and has hopefully become unflooded.  She whines….

  • Tinsley_mixed_multiple_sexycowgirlinbootscartrouble-pic2

    It’s so easy on the eyes to watch the gorgeous Tinsley drive that old Camaro!  Those tight pants, that low-cut top and her hot little cowgirl boots working the pedals!  Things are going good until she’s coming to a stop sign and you can hear the engine of the Camaro….

  • Damara Cranking the Coronet – #542
    Starring - December 9th, 2014


    She’s walking down the driveway with you when she sees that the Coronet is here.  She gets excited and begs you to let her drive it, which you agree to it.  She gets in and tries starting it but it’s not firing up.  She quickly pumps the gas in her….

  • KMoLoLo_mixed_86montecarlo_pumpsNbootsleggingsNjeanssmoking-pic

    I doubt these gals have ever experienced a car like the Monte Carlo.  It’s been sitting for a good while and they’re going to try to get it started and take it out.  Kmo slips behind the wheel in her red leather jacket, skin tight liquid leggings and a pair….

  • Daisy_crank_86montecarlo_sexyschoolgirlcartroubles-pic1

    Second camera angle of her trying to get this car started so she can get to school!  This clip came a bit late for the week.  It helps if I schedule the clip to post at the right time instead of the year 2999.  Lol!  Sorry folks! **Be sure to….

  • Vassanta Going With You to a Picnic
    Starring - November 19th, 2014


    Vassanta opens the bedroom door after getting ready.  She does a little pose, asking if you like her outfit.  She grabs some more clothes, per your requests, since she might need to change when she gets there to be a bit more conservative.  Either way, she’s so excited to go….

  • Kristen_crank_1970volvo_smokingjeansboots-pic

    Maaaan, this Volvo is F.L.O.O.D.E.D!  Kristen has already gone a few rounds with it earlier in the day and she’s smoking a cigarette this time to keep herself from stressing the fuck out.  She’s got some tall, thigh high boots over jeans as she works the choke and gas pedal….

  • Mandie Cranking the Bug – #140
    Starring - November 12th, 2014


    The video fades in with Mandie talking to the old VW that just died on her.  She begs the car to start for her as she pumps the gas and turns the key only to have the motor just crank and crank with no signs of starting.  Cars whiz by,….