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  • DirtyDiana_bf_86montecarlo_custom330-pic

    The Scenario: “ Diana knows to much so someone cuts her brakes. She goes out to her car, drives off, leaving puddle, brakes get worse while driving and eventually fail completely. Diana pumps the brakes but they are completely gone. After ALOT of brake pumping she finally gets the car stopped…..

  • Mandie_drive_72superbug_sheerhosepumps-pic

    This video is of Mandie driving us to and from a location where we shot a custom video.  This is a casual talking video as she works the pedals with a pair of stiletto leather pumps, sheer hose and an itty bitty skirt!  Whether she’s acting out a script or….

  • Tinsley_mixed_77camaro_errandgirlparkinglottrouble-pic

    Tinsley is done inside but couldn’t get what she came for.  She’s about to leave but her Camaro has other plans…it doesn’t want to start!  She keeps trying it, trying not to draw too much attention to herself in the parking lot.  It takes a while to get the damn….

  • EllieMae_crank_86wagoneer_custom317-pic

    Ellie Mae is supposed to pick up her friend at her house but when she knocks on the door, she gets no answer.  After waiting for a minute, she decides to leave but her Jeep won’t start!  She cranks it a few times before texting her friend for help.  Her….

  • Barbie_mixed_74coronet_ladyinredpumping-pic

    This last clip is mostly leg shots, capturing those super sexy red thigh high boots working the gas and brake pedals.  She’s driving down the road now that the car is warmed up but she quickly discovers that it’s not running entirely smooth.  It stalls out a few times but….

  • Star_mixed_86montecarlo_strappystilettosbarefootpinktoes-pic

    She has some trouble getting the car started.  She primes the carburetor, spins the motor over and works the gas pedal, pumping it enough to get the engine to fire but not too much to flood it.  It’s a chilly day and she heats it up a bit with her….

  • Cassandra_stuck_volvo_peeptoestilettosplaying-pic

    She’s not too happy that you moved her car into the yard to do some work on the house.  She walks to her car and gets her stiletto’s a bit muddy in the process.  She fires her car up and with the ground being soft from a recent rain, one….

  • VivianIreenePierce_crank_86wagoneer_custom352-pic

    This is a custom video we filmed just yesterday.  So it’s hot off the press!  Here’s the script for it: “From my POV, you’ve called me over because your car is acting up again. You’re all dolled up because you’ve figured out that I have a fetish for this kind….

  • HanaMari_mixed_1970volvo_goodluckgettingitstarted-pic

    Hana is going to teach Mari how to start and hopefully drive a manual transmission vehicle.  It’s a cold winters day and the girls slip into the Volvo with Hana starting out behind the wheel first.  Hana is having some genuine cold-starting issues with the Volvo and ends up killing….

  • Princess_rev_77camaro_custom332-pic

    Princess wants to rev up her old Camaro for you so you can hear it’s loud engine and exhaust.  She wants to know what style of revving you like the best, so, she asks you what you like and then demonstrates different styles.  She makes the tachometer dance around and….