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  • Hana Back in Black, 1 of 3
    Starring - September 19th, 2011


    Hana is ready to go out and is looking hot!  She’s got these sexy fishnet stockings on with some over knee stiletto boots and black leather gloves.  She walks to the Cadillac that is parked in the bushes and sees if it’ll start.  She ends up killing the battery and….

  • Hana_mixed_1970volvo_businessuitredpumpshose-pic

    Hana is heading to work but her Volvo is acting up.  It doesn’t want to start at first but she does get it to sputter to life.  Once running, it keeps stalling on her and making her chances of getting to work on time diminish.  She sweet talks the car,….

  • Mandie_bf_74coronet_custom154-pic

    The Coronet’s brakes have gone out while Mandie is driving.  She freaks out, trying to figure out what to do.  She eventually brings the big car to a stop and discovers that someone probably cut her brake line.

  • Tinsley_rev_multiple_custom183-pic

    Tinsley is wearing some tight black leather pants and black shiny boots as she gets in the Camaro, starts it up, backs it out of the garage and goes to revving it!  You can see her legs flex through the leather as she makes the tachometer needle bounce all over….

  • GiaNova_mixed_71vwbus_schoolteachercrankrev-pic

    It’s early in the morning and Gia Nova has to get her make-shift school bus warmed up and ready to pick up the kids on her route.  She has her neighbor’s kid in the bus already as she start cranking it.  The bus is hard to start and requires our….

  • Mandie_drive_88blazer_custom142-pic

    Mandie is taking a drive in the Blazer wearing some sheer hose and green strappy high heeled sandals.  The sun reflects nicely off her hose as she goes up and down the streets. 

  • RockettGirl_crank_1970volvo_sitbackbaby-pic

    Ever wanted to relive those days of having the hot mom carpooling the kids to school in her old clunker?  In this video, just imagine you’re the first kid on the block that gets to watch her, all by yourself, try to get the old Volvo of hers started.  She….

  • Princess_drive_71vwbus_redleatherpumpsponytail-pic1

    Princess is going for a cruise in the VW Bus to put some more miles on the motor to break it in.  She drives up and down my street because I haven’t gotten it registered just yet.  This girl knows how to drive a stick shift, so you get to….

  • MileyRiley_crank_86fleetwood_shortskirtshighheels-pic

    Miley & Riley are wearing short skirts and some sexy high heels as they try to get the old Caddy started.  Riley tries her luck first but doesn’t get anywhere with it.  Miley slides over and tries it but still, nothing!  The swap again and no matter who is cranking….

  • KimberlyHeart_rev_72superbug_turnuptheheat-pic

    We just finished doing a cranking custom video and I have Kimberly start the Bug to rev it and clear the engine out.  It’s extremely hot outside and she makes it slightly hotter with her sexy revving!