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  • Tinsley_crank_74coronet_192-pic

    Tinsley ends up making a wrong turn down a dead end road.  She feels she might be lost and backs the car up to retrace her route.  Unfortunately, her car conks out and her cell phone isn’t working.  Hopefully someone will pull-over and help her but until then, she keeps….

  • Mari_mixed_77camaro_purplepumpslearning2foot-pic

    This video covers a few requests.  The first is a girl doing some pedal pumping wearing shoes a size or two too big.  Secondly, Mari has never had to learn how to ‘tw0 foot’ an automatic vehicle, so, after she gets it started, she gets her first lesson.

  • Veronica_crank_74coronet_skirtredstilettopumps-pic

    This old, moldy, rusted, smelly, rough running, will-hardly-start, ugly, dirty and loud Coronet is Veronica’s ride for the day.  However, it won’t start…which she is probably jumping for joy inside! lol  She tries for the longest to get the damn thing running, which she has a little success but in….

  • Cassandra Revs the Coronet – #408
    Starring - April 18th, 2014


    The old Coronet was giving her fits earlier so she’s ready to punish it for acting up!!

  • HightowerMcmillan_Episode1_uncut-pic

    This is the full length documentary follows these two bounty hunters as they try to bust a crook!  Hear what it’s like to live the life of an on-the-edge, sexy and seductive woman who kicks peoples ass for a living while wearing stilettos and makeup!  They are officers of the….

  • RosePedal_crank_Ford_blackstockingsblackpumps-pic

    She’s working that gas pedal good to get this old pickup started.  Or is she teasing you and keeping it from starting?  Hmm… that is the question.

  • Riley Revving the Coronet – #313a
    Starring - January 19th, 2014


    That gorgeous smile, killer legs and loooong blonde hair makes it difficult not to be mesmerized as she revs the Coronet.  She looks at the camera often to give a sexy, wordless smile that just lures you in even more!  Rev away, my dear, rev away!

  • Princess_drive_72superbug_blackdresshosepeeptoepumps-pic

    This is a slight compilation clip of Princess before and after filming a custom video.  She’s starting up the Bug in the driveway and then drives it to the location we’re filming an ‘out of gas’ custom video.  We then pick up with her for a short time after the….

  • Curator Cassandra, Log Entry 003
    Starring - May 16th, 2013


    “Today wasn’t too bad.  The Coronet started up easy but the Bus had some battery connection issues.  Took 2 or 3 times to get a good connection.  Need maintenance to check it out when they can.  The Volvo & Camaro behaved nicely, didn’t take too much pumping to get them….

  • KimberlyHeart_mixed_1970volvo_betterthandaisyduke-pic

    Kimberly Heart is tasked with starting and moving the Volvo.  She doesn’t drive a stick shift and is nervous about moving the old Volvo.  I’m in the passenger seat filming while a cam is behind the steering wheel to capture her facial expressions (don’t worry, I’ll get the ‘goods’ in….