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  • RockettGirl_crank_1970volvo_sitbackbaby-pic

    Ever wanted to relive those days of having the hot mom carpooling the kids to school in her old clunker?  In this video, just imagine you’re the first kid on the block that gets to watch her, all by yourself, try to get the old Volvo of hers started.  She….

  • Princess_drive_71vwbus_redleatherpumpsponytail-pic1

    Princess is going for a cruise in the VW Bus to put some more miles on the motor to break it in.  She drives up and down my street because I haven’t gotten it registered just yet.  This girl knows how to drive a stick shift, so you get to….

  • MileyRiley_crank_86fleetwood_shortskirtshighheels-pic

    Miley & Riley are wearing short skirts and some sexy high heels as they try to get the old Caddy started.  Riley tries her luck first but doesn’t get anywhere with it.  Miley slides over and tries it but still, nothing!  The swap again and no matter who is cranking….

  • KimberlyHeart_rev_72superbug_turnuptheheat-pic

    We just finished doing a cranking custom video and I have Kimberly start the Bug to rev it and clear the engine out.  It’s extremely hot outside and she makes it slightly hotter with her sexy revving!

  • MandieTinsley_drive_86fleetwood_rideshare-pic2

    Tinsley is riding shotgun with Mandie in the Caddy.  Mandie is going to be late for this big meeting if she doesn’t hurry.  She speeds as fast as traffic will allow her through the backroads and when she hits the highway, she opens it up.  Once at Mandie’s place of….

  • RockettGirl_drive_01ss_blackdressredpatentpeeptoes-pic

    This is a 2 part series driving clip of Rockettgirl in the 2001 Camaro SS.  It’s nothing but a view from behind the pedals as she drives through the back roads in her red patent platform pumps.  Lots of pedal work from a sweet view!

  • Miley_mixed_1970volvo_sticklearningaquapumps-pic

    Apparently there is a much larger fan base for seeing girls learn to drive a stick shift vehicle.  I’ve been filming quite a bit of these since last summer and quite a few of the girls have gotten much better at driving a stick.  This clip is of Miley and….

  • MileyRiley_crank_86fleetwood_snowdaycoldstart-pic

    Miley and Riley have to take the snow covered Caddy to the game today.  They’ve got their Roll Tide jackets on, ready to cheer their team to victory but they must first become victorious over the frozen Caddy.  They slide in from the passenger’s side door and Riley tries starting….

  • Kas Brake Failure – #123
    Starring - January 13th, 2011


    While out driving the Bug aggressively, Kas notices that her brakes feel a bit different.  She shrugs it off as nothing to be concerned about in the beginning but when she’s driving too fast and actually needs to slow down, she becomes very concerned.

  • Hana Pumping Up the Volvo in Red Pumps
    Starring - January 9th, 2011


    Seeing the different girls get in the Volvo and trying to move it never gets old.  I never know how the Volvo is going to treat them.  Some days, it starts up but doesn’t move, other days it won’t stay running.  Hana tries her technique at getting the Volvo moved….