Jane Domino & Vivian Ireene Pierce are available for customs together until May 5th, Vivian is available till May 7th.


5 Responses to Jane Domino & Vivian Ireene Pierce Customs for April/May 2019

  1. neil1981 says:

    Stripper heels and frilly socks and short school girl skirts in the Monte Carlo

  2. jeffrey430 says:

    Hi Shish, was wondering how to order a custom for the both of them?

    • Shishkbob says:

      Unfortunately, Jane has already left. So it won’t be possible until I have them both scheduled sometime later this year.

      • jeffrey430 says:

        Okay then no worries. I saw the latest stuck custom on C4S with them both and LOVED IT! Is it possible for Vivian to do a Stuck video similar to that?

        • Shishkbob says:

          It might be possible tomorrow or Monday if the weather continues like it is. You can send a form over for Vivian and I can give you more details after seeing what you want.

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