PTP1314 – Jane Domino Tries to Blackmail You So You Sabotage Her Car – Custom 1314

PTP1314 – Jane Domino Tries to Blackmail You So You Sabotage Her Car – Custom 1314

May 9th, 2021

Outfit & Shoes
A tight beige or other light colour dress of some sort, with cleavage, can have long sleeves or short. Knee length or so and some light suntan sheer pantyhose.

POV style. Camera will walk up to the driver side to talk to Jane who is in her car. The POV will give her the once over while she says “Get in, we need to talk” Camera will get in the passenger side and Jane will say “Did you do what I asked you to?” Camera will nod. She will say “Good, let me see the proof” A coilwire will be shown to Jane and she will smile at this and say “I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she can’t start her car” “always yelling at me to get her coffee and dry cleaning” Jane will then say “I bet you hope she is a pumper” I watched some of those video files I found on you computer. Very naughty. Jane will start to pump the pedal of her car and act like she is stranded and trying to start her car,  she won’t really turn the key, just acting it out and saying “Oh no what I am going to do, I can’t get it started” “Maybe I have to pump it more” she will pump it hard and fast then She will laugh and say “I bet she will freak out too and just pump the hell out of the pedal, bet you wish you were in her car to watch” She will keep pumping the pedal fast and hard all the while she is talking about her boss trying to start her car. Jane will say “You seem nervous, everything ok?” That’s when she will pretend she forgot and just remembered and say “Oh yeah you like this don’t you?” she will pump the pedal more and say “Oh yeah I can tell you really like it when I do this” the POV will then look down at her foot pumping the pedal and get real close to watch. She will slowly run her foot up and down the pedal and tease the POV in a sexy voice saying “You really are enjoying this aren’t you?” She will slowly pump the pedal all the while POV is right up there, say about 12 inches away. Jane will keep pumping the pedal. Jane will say “Don’t get any ideas, I still have those files on you” POV will then slowly come back up checking out her legs. Once the POV is back up in the seat she will say, still teasingly “Get a good look?” She will look back out the windshield and say “Oh yeah, here she comes. Show time” “We have a great view” The camera will just pan down again to Jane’s foot still slowly pumping the gas pedal.  The sound of a car cranking will then be heard Jane will laugh and say “You will never get that car to start you bitch, I’ve taken care of that” She then look at the camera and say “I really bet you want to be over there to watch her” well you can watch me and Jane will start by pumping fast and hard and bouncing in the seat whenever the other car is cranked. You can dub that in. That should take us to the 4 to 5 minute mark. Then she will stop and say “I think you need to get out of my car and go offer to help that poor damsel in trouble over there” “After all you are the reason she is in that situation” “Maybe I will go over there too and tell her what you did” The POV will shake back and forth as if to say no. Jane will laugh and say “Yeah I thought you might not want that” “Still I want you to go over there and offer to help her and I don’t want you in my car anymore. Get out” “Lets watch you in action” The POV will get out and walk around to the front of Jane’s car looking at Jane the entire time, she will say “What are you looking at? Go over and offer to help her, NOW!” Then we will hear a car fire up and drive off. The POV will be just looking at Jane who will say “What the? I thought you fixed it so it wouldn’t start? I saw the wire” Jane will get really mad and say “well I’m taking those files to HR in the morning let’s see if you still get to keep your job after that, I’m outta here” She will try to start the car but it will just crank. POV will go upto the windshield to watch her struggle. She will become forceful at first. Saying “Dammit I must have flooded it from all that pumping” She will try it a few times more then demand for it to start. She will finally look up and see POV just watching through the windshield and then say “Get out of here I know you like this but get lost” she will be staring right at the POV and try to start the car and at this point start to get concerned and say “Come on baby you have to start” She will try a few more times and when it still doesn’t start she will freak and say “Oh please just start for me, you can’t do this to me, I gotta get out of here” that’s when POV will move to the drivers door yank it open and do a slow pan from head to toe as she is in full panic mode trying to start her car, pumping and cranking hard and fast. The POV will move in for a close look like kneeling down. Jane will be pumping the hell out of the pedal. Then at some point will slowly pan up along her leg and upto her face still from the kneeling position. Watching her try to get the car started. Then POV will stand up and lean over in a way that you can see her bouncing from above. (That make sense?) Then Jane will push the POV back, as if pushing a person and look at the camera while cranking and say “What did you do, why won’t it start for me? Fix it” The camera will just shake to say no. Jane will then  say “It’s flooded from all that pumpin earlier” She will slam the pedal down and grind her foot into it all the while cranking, kinda lifting off the seat. really pushing hard on the pedal and grinding her foot into the pedal. POV will move in for a close up of her right foot on the pedal, Jane will do a super long crank while doing this and just repeating the same line while doing it “It’s just flooded, he didn’t do this” “It’s just flooded, he didn’t do this” “It’s just flooded, he didn’t do this” Then she will stop  POV will pull back to get a full body shot and she say in a demanding tone “Help me or I will tell everyone about this” Then she will go back to trying to start it. The camera will just slowly pan down her leg to her foot still pinning the gas pedal to the floor and now just begging it to start. Jane will start to scream at her car to “Oh please star for me, you have to start babyt” Jane will then stop and be all apologetic saying “I am sorry I won’t tell anyone, I’ll give you the files back just please help me, I’ll do whatever you want” “The files are in the back seat just take them and help me get my car started” The POV will just shake as to say no again. Jane will turn back to the car and say “Please start for me” and continue to try and start the car, the camera will zoom in to her foot just pounding on the pedal and Jane will be just  begging and pleading for it to start for her and say almost crying “why won’t my car start? Just start for me please” Jane will keep doing this till the end. At this point the POV will toss the coilwire onto Jane’s lap in mid cranking and pumping and turn and walk away. THE END

Really want her to be a big tease at the start, knowing what she is doing has an effect on the POV. Then when cranking first just demanding, then concerned, then just all out panic and begging. For some of the view at the start can it be just through the windshield, Jane can look at the camera through the windshield kinda angry like while cranking. When down as if kneeling can you angle up to get a shot of her face and upper body. Some good closeups of her pumping the pedal while cranking you can even go around to the passenger side for a few close ups.

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