PTP1312 – Jane Domino Cranking & Begging the Monte Carlo – Custom 1312

PTP1312 – Jane Domino Cranking & Begging the Monte Carlo – Custom 1312

April 18th, 2021

Outfit & Shoes
Short jean shorts and any non black tank top that really shows off her cleavage. White tennis shoes.

Running errands with Jane. This video will be several different scenarios of Jane getting into the Monte after an errand and it being harder and harder to start as the day progresses. I don’t need to see any driving just her walking to the car after each errand. After the first errand maybe she gets it started in 3-4 tries. Try 3-4 should be long attempts. It keeps getting harder to start each time and by the last errand it takes her 8-10 tries of long cranking (15-20 seconds) with a few stalls in between when she’s trying to back out of a parking spot. During the several cranking scenes I would like her to constantly beg the car to start. She never gets mad, she is confident, and encouraging to the car.
She can ad lib but I would like the phrases below used a lot.
“Come on baby”
“Come on baby start for momma”
“You can do it honey”
The begging can increase as the engine gets close to starting
“That’s it , that’s it baby, come on!”

I would also like her to bounce a lot and sometimes wrap her left arm around the steering wheel.

The camera view for the length of the video should be from the passenger dash area so I can see her whole body, her turning the key, and her chest bouncing.

Jane is awesome and I hope she can do long cranks where the engine sounds like it wants to catch. Please make sure the battery is fully charged as I like fast, hot, flooded cranking. If you can get the engine to make the wind down sound after some long long flooded cranks that would be great bonus.
Thanks! You do great worK

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