PTP1305 – Jane Domino in ‘Speedin Secretary Jane’ – Custom 1305 (HD-MP4)

PTP1305 – Jane Domino in ‘Speedin Secretary Jane’ – Custom 1305 (HD-MP4)

April 10th, 2021

Outfit & Shoes
Secretary/office girl/real-estate agent look: skirt, heels etc (similar to custom 1255), red lipstick (applied in video)

Story: ‘Speedin’ Secretary Jane’
** convertible closed first, then opened later in video **
0-3 mins: Jane walks up to the car in her office suit and heels, simulating a cell phone call to her boss. It’s Friday and she’s due to finish work soon, but her boss wants her to visit one more real estate property before she finishes for the weekend. She reluctantly accepts, and ends the call. Jane mentions to herself that she wants to finish work on time, so will have to visit this property quickly and drive there very fast. She then gets in the car, starts it up and revs briefly. Jane mentions that her car is beginning to have some issues because she drives it so much for her work, and pleads with it to start properly today and not stall on her. Once running, Jane proceeds to turn onto the road, and speeds off quickly into the distance.
– outside camera view of Jane walking to the car and talking on the phone, getting in and revving
– camera positioned at the end of the PTP HQ driveway (or similar location), viewing Jane as she pulls out onto the road and speeds off into the distance

3-7 mins: Jane fast driving along various roads. If it stalls on her from time to time, Jane can just make comments on her needing to take it to the shop, as well as persuading it re-start each time (she can play this act throughout the video if it stalls on her naturally again).
– camera looking across from passenger side (like custom 1299 angle)

7-8 mins: Jane arrives at the property (any location is fine), parks up and switches off the engine. She leans towards the rear view mirror, checks her hair and applies the red lipstick. She mentions to herself that she now looks the part to meet her client. Jane exits the car and walks off.
– same camera angle as above, passenger side

8-10 mins: Jane retunes to the car after her client meeting and gets in. She phones her boss back to say the deal was a success, and her boss says she can finish for the weekend. Happy she’s now off work, Jane then calls her college friend, it’s the start of spring break tomorrow and her group of friends are going hiking in the country. Jane gets excited about seeing her friends, and says she’ll meet them there. Jane mentions she wants to relax and get ready for the weekend, by ‘letting her hair down’, literally. She says despite her engine issues, at least this car is a convertible and it provides some fun! She starts the engine, and opens the convertible roof (if it’s too cold on the day, feel free to omit this part and just keep the roof closed for the rest of the video).
– camera placed on center of dashboard, looking back at Jane

10-15 mins: Jane now proceeds to drive home, speeding along the roads and enjoying herself with the wind in her hair. As before, any stalling can just be natural and acted as part of the video/Jane complaining about her engine.
– camera on center dash looking back, same angle as above.


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