PTP1307 – Jane Domino Takes You for a Drive & Stalls a Lot in ‘Old Skool’ Vans Sneakers – Custom 1307

PTP1307 – Jane Domino Takes You for a Drive & Stalls a Lot in ‘Old Skool’ Vans Sneakers – Custom 1307

April 13th, 2021

Outfit & Shoes
Jane wearing similar outfit as in custom 1236
With her Vans Old Skool shoes shes worn in other videos.
Ankle socks with lace/ruffles

Driving and stalling video in the Volvo.
If you can do passenger seat shots, medium and sometimes closer on feet.

Janes usual style of pumping is good =)

ane is relaxing on the couch in just her socks.

She says “I know you love it when I wear these”.

“Hey I have an idea, she swings her legs down and rubs them down to her ankles.”

She puts her heels on and grabs the keys. “Lets go for a drive”.

Camera follows her out and gets in the passenger side of the volvo.

Jane gets in and starts pumping the pedal slowly.

She says “I know you like watching me trying to start my car”

“Its so hard to start it needs lots of gas”

Jane cranks and pumps saying “please baby start for me” “come on baby”.

Once started she backs it out , she stalls it out.

She looks at me and says “oh no It stalled, guess I need to pump it some more”

After pumping and cranking it starts up and she drives for a bit.

When she reaches a stop the car stalls again.

She pumps the pedal and says “come on baby start for me”.

In between attempts she releases the clutch and pushes it back in. Each time pumping a bit faster and looking around a little worried.

She pulls up close to the steering wheel and wraps her arm around it.

“Come on baby we’re so close, just start for me”

Once it starts she gets going and drives a bit more. “Im sorry it keeps dying on me”.

She pulls over and stops and looks at the camera and it stalls. “Oh no it stalled again”.

Jane takes off her shoes and cranks and pumps trying to start it. After some cranking and pumping she stops and says “I think I flooded it”.

More “come on baby start for me” and similar. If she can rub her feet on the pedals between attempts.

Once she gets it started, she drives off and video fades out.

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