PTP1324 – Jane Domino Encounters Cocky Security Guards & Tries to Run Them Over but Tears Her Car Up Instead – Custom 1324

PTP1324 – Jane Domino Encounters Cocky Security Guards & Tries to Run Them Over but Tears Her Car Up Instead – Custom 1324

June 3rd, 2021

Outfit & Shoes
The dress from One Night Stand with the Stuck Fetishist and black patent dream pair sandals.

Jane is dressed to the nine’s heading to pick up her date. She tries to take a short cut down a private road but is stopped at the entrance by security men.
The film starts with the POV of one of the men who is approaching her car. (Not shown or heard) Jane is irritated straight from the get go, she rolls down her window and is told the road is private and she can’t go down it. He stands looking in her window so he gets a good view of her legs and thighs. She taps on the steering wheel impatiently as she listens to the man and tries to argue with him about using the road. (1 min)

She sounds the horn telling them to move or she will not hesitate to run them over, she’s not used to being told no. She begins to rev her engine as she continues to berate them, calls them losers, that they need to get real jobs and not harass beautiful women like her. The man at the window is transfixed on her legs as she revs her powerful engine, she calls him a creep and shoos him away, but he keeps staring. (2 mins)

She tries to run them over and they hold on to her bumper stopping her car. Shocked and surprised, she soon becomes arrogant as she tries running them over, revving the engine lightly, laughing at them. They can’t stop her powerful car and it’s only a matter of time before they are under her car. (3 mins)

She realizes that her car isn’t going anywhere and gets angry. She opens the door and soon begins to sound the horn in frustration, bouncing in her seat and looks at her rear wheels, shocked that they are furiously spinning as they can’t get traction. (This can be simulated) She continues to insult these men and the man at the door gets a better look at her legs and watches her heels as she smashes the gas pedal, sometimes using the pedal as she is stubbing out a cigarette. (5 mins)

All the wheel spinning has dug her rear wheels into the soft ground underneath and she soon becomes stuck. The men let go of her car as she can’t go anywhere. Jane begins turning her wheel frantically as she tries to get out, hitting the wheel and sounding the horn. She begs the guys to get her out of the mud, and they do nothing which makes her angry and she starts berating them again saying she’ll run them over once she gets her car out of here. She soon gives up and storms away, as she is on the phone to her date telling him what has happened. (4 mins)

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