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Prices are subject to change based on complexity of scenario.
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This car will be used if your first vehicle of choice becomes unusable for any reason. If you do not select an alternate vehicle and your first vehicle is unusable for any reason, we will select an alternate car for you that will best suit your script.
Footwell Lights
It's used to highlight the models' foot/shoes but due to it's unnatural look, not everyone prefers it. If an option is not selected, we will choose to use the lights if conditions require it.
Outfit & Shoes Desired ?
Please list any specific items you'd like for the model to wear. We will strive to make the outfit as close to what you're requesting but understand that the model may not have exactly what you're asking for. Being very specific (example: "White & red striped shirt with 3/4th sleeves, button down with big collar) will make it more difficult to meet your requests. If you give some options or leeway in the outfit, we can better meet the look or style you're going for. (example: light colored button down shirt, preferably 3/4 sleeve or shorter) Fingernail and toenail polish requests are $50 each and will be added into your invoice if you request it. Otherwise, the polish or nail style is how she arrives with it.
Scenario (include desired camera angles) ?
Please be sure the form is accurate and includes everything you desire. Once submitted, any changes will require you to submit a new form. After payment is received, NO changes may be made. We will strive to get your custom video exactly as you describe but keep in mind that scenarios calling for exact situations can not always be accommodated. We will use our discretion to adjust the details of the video to achieve the best results possible. All custom videos will be completed on the day of the shoot specified in the link for the model you're choosing. If any rescheduling occurs, you will be notified promptly with a new date of completion.
Picture-In-Picture (PiP) is the method of running 2 cameras to capture the same action. During editing, one of the video feeds is downsized in a small viewing area and placed over the main viewing area. Both video feeds are synchronized so that you can watch simultaneously the same action from different angles.
Video Format
Please select the proper format you would like to receive. If you need a different format sent AFTER you've received a download link, a charge of $30 will be required.
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Checking this box means you are able to purchase clips through and that you understand and agree to purchase your finished custom video through PTP's Video Store: If you are unable to purchase clips via this method, please email before submitting a custom form.