Custom Video Form

Please provide your Paypal email address. Paypal is currently our only method of payment for custom videos.
Date(s) of the next shoot(s) as well as estimated wait time for your custom to be filmed. This info is updated when changed. Invoices are sent out in batches, so it may be a few weeks before you receive one.
Please choose the option that best describes your video.
The car you prefer to see in your video. If this car breaks during shooting, we will use your 2nd choice below.
This car is used if preferred car becomes unavailable due to needing repairs.
You can see the shoes we have available in our model closet here:
Some cars have lights installed in and around the foot-well to brighten the feet and pedals.
If 'Yes', please be sure to provide the details in your scenario about which angle you want as your main view and small view.
These are currently our only two options for delivery of customs.