Tag: 1968

  • Scarlet Revving a ’68 Camaro
    Starring - May 15th, 2007

    My friend up in Maryland let me doing a little revving in his green ’68 Camaro while I was up there last year.  Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t super great, but the car sounds nice!!

  • Aylalee Revving 1968 Camaro
    Starring - March 12th, 2007

    Aylalee does some mild revving in a friend’s ’68 Camaro while up at Fly’s last year!  We were having camera difficulties on this day, so everything is a little brighter than we expected.

  • Scarlet Driving a 1968 Camaro
    Starring - December 22nd, 2006

    This was my first time to really be in a much older car – a ’68 Camaro.  When Aylalee & I went to Maryland in June, a friend of mine up in the Baltimore area met up with us and let me drive his car.  Sorry for the video quality….