Tag: 2002

  • Curator Cassandra, Log Entry 003
    Starring - May 16th, 2013

    “Today wasn’t too bad.  The Coronet started up easy but the Bus had some battery connection issues.  Took 2 or 3 times to get a good connection.  Need maintenance to check it out when they can.  The Volvo & Camaro behaved nicely, didn’t take too much pumping to get them….

  • Dirty Diana gets in the old Beamer and does some cranking and revving in this little car.  She has to massage and pump the gas pedal a lot to get it started and to keep it running.  She plays in it for a while and as we’re finishing up, I….

  • Hana Cranks & Smokey Revs the BMW 2002
    Starring - December 5th, 2012

    Hana does her thing in the old BMW 2002 wearing some tight, khaki short shorts and some strappy peep toe sandals.  She wants to go vroom vroom in the little Euro sports car but she has to get it started first.  Her style of giving a lot of pumps before….

  • She closes the trunk to the old car and walks to the drives seat as you follow behind her…behind.  She has on a pair of shorts that would make Daisey Duke look twice.  She gets in the old BMW and does some very smoky exhaust revving with a pair of….

  • The girls are still battling with the old BMW but they are making progress.  The car is continually coughing and sputtering as Tiffany is aggressively pumping the gas pedal, trying to get much needed fuel into the little engine that maybe-couldn’t-sort-of-kinda-could-possibly run.  Their efforts pay off as near the end….

  • It’s nasty outside and Damara is trying to get to town.  She’s driving the old BMW 2002 but it’s a real pain in the ass to start!  She gets in, gets situated, turns the key and starts pumping the gas, hoping to massage some cooperation from it.  It just spins….