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  • Rae Takes the Bus for a Barefooted Drive
    Starring - October 4th, 2019

    This was after an new motor had been put in and we needed some miles on it before we could really lay into it. So Rae takes it for a drive. She has dark colored polish on her toes. She’s wearing a leather jacket and capri pants.

  • She’s taking the Monte Carlo from the lot and after a bit of hard starting and a stalling at the end of the driveway, her trip is without any issues.  Well, unless you count slow drivers as an issue.  She works that gas pedal with her sexy feet and bare….

  • Ellie Mae Revving the Jeep in Pantyhose
    Starring - November 9th, 2013

    She’s in the Jeep, pumping the gas pedal about a dozen times before firing it up.  The black smoke is shot through the bushes that are parked right next to the exhaust pipe.  She warms up the Jeep for a few minutes in with her cowgirl boots on and then….

  • Ellie Mae is supposed to pick up her friend at her house but when she knocks on the door, she gets no answer.  After waiting for a minute, she decides to leave but her Jeep won’t start!  She cranks it a few times before texting her friend for help.  Her….

  • This is a custom video we filmed just yesterday.  So it’s hot off the press!  Here’s the script for it: “From my POV, you’ve called me over because your car is acting up again. You’re all dolled up because you’ve figured out that I have a fetish for this kind….

  • You’re still along for the ride with the sexiest, bustiest and best brunette pedal pumper around as she puts the pedal to the floor in the old 1971 VW Camper Bus.  We cut back and forth between her body cam and foot cam as she enjoys her afternoon drive.  The….

  • So Scarlet has finished some digging, she’s gonna try again to get the Monte Carlo unstuck.  She climbs in from the passenger side after taking off her muddy boots and starts rocking the car again.  Unfortunately, it’s the same thing…very very little movement, the hole Hana dug is too deep….

  • Scarlet is still stuck in the mud with her pretty bare feet working the pedals to try and get the car rocking.  The only problem is she’s buried so deep that there is no rocking action.  She tries for a few minutes and then climbs out of the car through….

  • This custom video is of Barb taking the Monte Carlo for a drive but we all know that it’s never just an uneventful trip in the old Monte.  She’s wearing some brown leather thong sandals at first as she’s starting up the car.  It takes her some tries before it….

  • She’s still trying to get this damn car unstuck.  It’s in there good!  Bare feet, red toenails, lots of rocking and frustrated facial expressions as she self-films herself! 🙂