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  • She’s got a 2018 Camaro in that Sonic Blue color and she’s going out but has to stop and get her sister, Jewels. She’s wearing a black blazer, jeans with black over-the-knee boots. The camera is mounted on the back window filming from the middle of the rear seats the….

  • This last clip is of Barbie still struggling to get that old Blazer up the slick incline. She’s hitting that gas with her beige thigh high boots over and over again. The tires are heating up and smoking but she keeps going. She finally gets it free and parks it….

  • She’s turned the Blazer around and is trying to go forward up this muddy incline but it still isn’t happening. You can hear the engine rpm’s and wheel spinning speed fluctuate from her pumping the gas to try and get it to creep it’s way but they just spin and….

  • She’s still trying to get the Blazer started from a few different camera angles before trying to move it up around the house. She gets stuck trying to back up the incline. She keeps trying over an over again but the damp yard combined with the incline and backing up….

  • She’s got the cameras set up, a little light on the pedals and the old Blazer ready to go for a little fun for you. This first clip is entirely of her trying to get the car started. She drains the first battery in it and has to get another….

  • Jess Reversing Stuck in the Blazer in Boots
    Starring - January 22nd, 2017

    Wasn’t sure what was going to come of this clip when we started filming it. It’s not a genuine stuck clip, so don’t bitch because of [insert one of a million reasons here]. She’s mostly just trying to back up the somewhat muddy incline on the side of the house…..

  • She’s gotta hurry up to make her flight and it figures, her car won’t start.  She begs the old Chevy to start for her but it isn’t listening.  She has to call the airline to see if they’ll hold the plane for her because can’t miss this flight!  They tell….

  • Barbie tries starting the old Blazer in some cowgirl boots, booty shorts and a tied-up button down shirt.  3 different cameras capture her ordeal as she tries getting the car started before the battery dies.  

  • She’s trying to go out but the battery in the Blazer is dead.  She has the charger handy to give it some juice as she spends the next 5+ minutes trying to get the car started.  Lots of weak battery cranking and cranking without pumping by request.  There is a….

  • She’s walking to the old Chevy Blazer as she’s wrapping up her phone conversation with her mystery man.  He’s going to take her out tonight to her favorite place but she has to make it there first.  She’s wearing a sexy outfit…sleeveless top, super tight white leather pants and some….