Tag: broken pedal

  • Jane is trying to get the ’51 Chevy started but it’s not happening. Hell, it doesn’t even sound like it’s got any gas or if it does have gas, it’s not getting to the carburetor. After trying for a while, they swap again and Brooke gives it a couple of….

  • Evian has Volvo Trouble & Late for Work
    Starring - March 12th, 2012

    It’s a nasty enough morning already and the Volvo is only making it worse.  The cold, damp air has made her distributor less than functional.  She keeps spinning over the motor, pumping the gas in hopes it’ll catch but the Volvo is refusing to give her anything.  Well, actually it….

  • Princess Cranking Volvo – #79
    Starring - July 21st, 2009

    Princess is late for work and her Volvo won’t start.  While trying to get it started, she ends up breaking the gas pedal and has to fix it.  Her fix was only temporary as it breaks again and she has to call her boss to tell him she’s going to….