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  • This half-hour clip was filmed today, during one of the coldest days we’ve had in years!!  Yes yes, I know you northerners, Canadians and Russians will probably tell us that 17 degrees with a windchill of single digits to -7 is a ‘heat wave’.  But look, for those of us….

  • Just her driving the Jeep on a nice, Fall day!  That itty bitty skirt shows off her super long, slender legs and for you strappy shoe guys, you should dig her high heels.  🙂

  • This clip is something I extracted from the members clip that was posted today.  I gave her the camera to film with while I was tinkering under the hood.  She does a little casual filming and talks to you guys about her boots, nails and general chit-chat.  She also gives….

  • She’s driving her big truck with an itty bitty skirt on, bare legs and some sexy stiletto black patent pumps!  She’s good at wheeling the truck and isn’t afraid to get the beast up to speed on these curvy roads.  She ends up behind a school bus but the driver….

  • Mari has a car full of folks…Scarlet, Hana and myself.  She’s driving us over to Cassandra’s in the Monte Carlo and tries not to get too embarrassed when the old clunker doesn’t start.  She stabs the gas pedal in her worn out cowgirl boots to get the car to start….

  • We’re now heading back to the house but when the Bug is warm, it floods out VERY easily.  Case in point, the beginning of this clip.  Rodeo floods it out after the first few pumps and it takes some work to get it started again.  We go to get gas….

  • Rodeo Warming Up the Camaro
    Starring - September 13th, 2012

    Rodeo is dressed up and ready to go out on a date.  She wants to make sure her ride tonight is running good and has a nicely juiced up battery since it’s been sitting for a bit.  She warms up the Camaro while she does some primping in the rearview….

  • I had debated on not making this into a clip due to the talking back and forth between Daredevil and I.  I’m glad I did as it’s got some good moments of her trying to move the car when it keeps stalling out on her.  She’s very rusty at a….

  • Barbie Learning to Drive the Volvo, 2 of 2
    Starring - January 29th, 2012

    Barbie continues driving the Volvo and is getting the hang of it.  I put her through the paces as I make her stop on an incline, make turns while downshift and other things to help speed up her proficiency at driving a stick.  We make a few laps as we….

  • Barbie Learning to Drive the Volvo, 1 of 2
    Starring - January 11th, 2012

    Barbie has had a few courses on how to drive a stick.  This is the first time she’s driving the Volvo and she does quite well.  It takes a second to get the Volvo running and then we go over where everything is at in the car.  By the end….