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  • Ugh, the battery is dead! She gets out and connects the charger to it so she can try to get it cranked up and running. It takes multiple charge cycles to get it running but she finally does it.

  • She’s gotta drag out the charger so she can connect it to the Laguna’s battery before she can try getting it started. She’s always draining that battery from flooding it out so much. She gets it charging, gets in and tries firing it up….nope. She keeps trying until she’s drained….

  • She’s having issues with her old Bug and is having to resort to using the charger to try and get it started.  Even with the charger, it’s still weak and doesn’t want to start for her.  She keeps fiddling with the connection and her frustration is obvious.  Poor Vivian!  All….

  • This requested video is of Paige trying to start a car with ignition/battery problems and has to fiddle with the battery to get it going.  She starts out trying to get the car started but she thinks the battery is dead.  She connects the charger to the car and spends….

  • The Coronet is stalled on the side of the road with a weak battery after filming a custom video.  I’ve got the Blazer hooked up to the Coronet with jumper cables so Scarlet can get it running.  It’s flooded really good from the custom and she spends a couple of….

  • Star Works the Gas Pedal in the Bug
    Starring - June 18th, 2011

    This was a fun video to film of Star.  It’s really cold and the Bug hasn’t been used in a few weeks, so I have her try to get it started for some revving.  The first attempt doesn’t last long as the battery is cold and weak.  She does manage….

  • So the Bug is unwilling to start for Veronica as she pumps and pumps the gas pedal with her sexy size 10 foot.  The battery starts to die so I hook up the battery charger to give her more time to get it running.  It’s good and flooded from her….

  • Bubbles can turn heads head while wearing these skin tight leather like leggings.  She has to jump off the battery to the Bug but when that doesn’t go well, she moves on to the Coronet to only have it talk back to her.  The rain starts coming and she keeps….

  • Bubbles Jumping Off the Bug
    Starring - April 15th, 2010

    Bubbles is trying to move the Bug before it starts pouring rain.  The battery isn’t wanting to stay charged, so she has the charger out so she can crank it long enough to hopefully get it started.  There is a mix of pumping as well as some slow turning over….

  • It’s late, the storm is coming and Bubbles needs to get home.  She scurries out of her friends house and slips into the dark, damp Coronet to begin her drive home.  The only problem is that the Coronet is not cooperating.  She kills the battery and has to get her….