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  • Oh the trial and tribulations of borrowing a friends car.  Sit back and watch Mandie do her thing!!

  • Hana Back in Black, 1 of 3
    Starring - September 19th, 2011

    Hana is ready to go out and is looking hot!  She’s got these sexy fishnet stockings on with some over knee stiletto boots and black leather gloves.  She walks to the Cadillac that is parked in the bushes and sees if it’ll start.  She ends up killing the battery and….

  • Barbie Stranded at Night in the Parking Lot
    Starring - February 22nd, 2011

    You have to wonder what is going through a woman’s mind as she’s crossing a dark parking lot to her old car.  Will her car start?  Is she afraid that the clicking of her heels as she walks to the car is going to draw attention to her?  Does she….

  • Gina Cold Starting the Bug
    Starring - October 25th, 2010

    Another fine winter’s day and another fine vintage car that won’t start.  This was one of the first videos Gina did this day and I was going to film her take a few tries to start the 1972 Super Bug and move it for some revving but what I ended….

  • Gina is going to get the Volvo started and running but she’s have a hard time starting it.  She goes at it for a bit and ends up thinking it’s out of gas when it’s actually flooded really bad.  But the time it takes her to add gas gives the….

  • It’s workout time as Mandie scurries to the Volvo.  It’s a wet, cold day but perfect for working up a sweat.  The only thing is that I doubt Mandie planned her sweating would come from trying to get the Volvo started.  The Volvo is being really lazy today and will….

  • This was filmed during the early spring and it was still cold in the evenings.  The sun is setting and I wanted Bubbles to get the Volvo started before she left.  The Volvo runs at times and at other times, it doesn’t.  Bubbles is being herself in this video and….

  • Star Stranded with Kid – #87
    Starring - March 19th, 2010

    Star is trying to get the car started so that her and her kid (you) can go ‘home’.  The Caddy doesn’t want to start as she pumps and pumps the big floor mounted gas pedal.  She keeps talking to you and reassuring you that it’s okay and that mommy can….