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  • She shyly asks if you want to help her get her car started after a dinner date you two just had. You think she just needs some advice but you quickly find out that she somehow knows you’re fascination with women having car trouble. She begs the car a lot,….

  • You are outside on the deck with your parents waiting for Jane to arrive. She’s not normally late, so you’re a bit concerned. She finally arrives after being dropped off by a friend and scurries onto the deck and begins profusely apologizing for being late. She tells your parents how….

  • You’re already in the car when she opens the drives door to the Jeep. She knows you love watching her drive, especially in high heels! She’s got her sexy black leather high heels on with a little black dress and topped it off with some half-hand black leather driving gloves. The….

  • She wants to get the car started before she gets dressed for your date tonight.  She’s got some itty bitty sport shorts, sexy lil tank top and some tall socks as she starts cranking the car.  It doesn’t wanna start up right away but she does get it started and….