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  • She’s waiting, looking all sexy, while I finish connecting the battery to the car. Once it’s all set, I tell her to get in and give it a whirl to see if it’ll start. I’m filming the engine and throttle linkage under the hood at first. She pumps it and….

  • Damara Cranking the Camaro – #290
    Starring - July 27th, 2013

    Damara had to stay late to finish some reports for work and stops by her bosses house to drop them off.  She’s chatting at the door and you can hear her old 77 Camaro Z/28 idling behind her.  She wraps up her talking and as she’s walking to her car,….

  • She wants your help to get her old Coronet started so she can sell it.  She gets behind the wheel and starts spinning it over while you watch.  She’s giving it plenty of gas but it’s not catching.  Her size 10.5 boot forcefully pumps the gas throughout most of this….