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  • What better way to learn your way around or to find new spots to play in than to just get lost. Hana is wearing a business outfit with black sheer hose and black pumps as she drives the old Jeep around. Hopefully she has enough gas.

  • This Volvo is giving Vivian a headache as she’s trying to figure out where her destination is.  She’s lost and the Volvo keeps stalling out on her when she comes to a stop.  The battery sounds weak and it’s really getting her very emotional.

  • Cassandra Cranking the Camaro – #308
    Starring - February 5th, 2015

    It’s night, she’s lost and when she stops to see if she can find her location on a map, her car dies.  Her headlights dim each time she spins over the engine to try and get it restarted.  As the video goes on, her battery gets weaker and it eventually….

  • She’s flooring that gas pedal in the old Dodge to try and make up some time.  She’s running late and so long as slow ass folks don’t get in front of her, she might be able to make it on time.  Her shiny patent pumps bury that pedal into the….

  • Barb is going to meet her friends at the dirt track this afternoon.  She just got out of class, so she’s eager to take her mind off of school work.  She hops in her car and drives out to where she thought the dirt track is at.  She ends up….

  • Pepper is the timid, shy type when it comes to getting stuck.  She tries to keep it low-key, hoping she won’t attract any attention to herself.  She tries easing the Marquis out at first, but then she realizes she has to be a little more aggressive and push the gas….

  • Nikki Turning Around & Getting Stuck
    Starring - September 10th, 2006

    This is a semi-stuck video where Nikki is supposed to be turning around down into a steep, dirt “road” and then finds herself stuck.  That was the idea.  Watch as we try and try to get her stuck.  You see more rocks flying, peeling out and cranking than you do….

  • Lee Stuck & Can’t Move
    Starring - January 7th, 2006

    Lee is out cruising and decides it’s time to turn around and go back.  She backs up next to some piece of equipment, and doesn’t think to look for muddle puddles.  After all, they are just little mud puddles, right?  Wrong.  This one isn’t going to let her get away. ….

  • Misty Lost & Gets Stuck
    Starring , - December 4th, 2005

    Misty is following directions to a house that she’s been assigned to sell at her real estate company.  It’s recently rained, and she’s not sure her car will make it to the house, so she calls her boss to find out.  She said she should be able to make it,….

  • The directions that Lee have followed to get to someone’s house leads to misfortune.  In a new yellow 2005 Mustang, she calls to confirm directions because she’s afraid she’ll get her car stuck on the narrow, muddy passageway she is traveling . . .  That fear of getting her new….