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  • You’ve been curious as to what she has to go through to get her crappy car started every day. She’s told you stories about it and now gives you a ‘documentary’ style look at her struggles. Various angles of her cranking this car in peep-toe boots, leather skirt and a….

  • Kate Starts & Revs 3 Dirty Cars
    Starring - March 6th, 2016

    Let’s see which ones will start and which ones won’t, shall we? Kate gets in the Galant first and after a few tries, the battery is sounding weak. She checks the cables under the hood, gets back in and it fires up! One successful startup out of one attempt. Not….

  • Nikki Brake Failure in her Eclipse
    Starring - June 13th, 2008

    This is one of Nikki’s older brake failures in which she’s wearing a pair of jeans and boots.

  • Nikki Cruising in her Eclipse
    Starring - December 1st, 2007

    In this clip, Nikki is doing some casual driving in her Eclipse.  She’s wearing a gold jacket, blue jeans, and gold boots.

  • Nikki Driving Eclipse in Sneakers
    Starring - July 8th, 2007

    Nikki hasn’t drove her Eclipse in a LONG time, so she decides to take it out for a quick drive.  First she has to stop and get gas since the tank is almost empty.  She can’t turn the car off or the battery will die, and no one can help….

  • In this clip, Nikki is driving her Eclipse in a sexy brown and gold dress with some matching open-toe sandals!  She pulls into traffic and floors the gas to get up to speed in the beginning.  She pulls into a parking lot in the end, pops it into neutral while….

  • Nikki is wearing a pair of gold boots with a gold jacket in this clip as she revs her eclipse.  You can tell she’s having fun with it!  She revs it so hard, you can see debris being blown away from the exhaust!  She waves at the camera a couple….

  • Nikki does some awesome revving in her Eclipse for everyone in this clip!  She gives the camera a little wave then gets on it.  She gives the pedal quick stabs, long stabs, and everything in between!  She can’t help but look down at her foot as she does some loud….

  • Nikki Revving her Eclipse in Sneakers
    Starring - April 21st, 2007

    Nikki starts out revving in her loud Eclipse in a pair of socks with some gray and white sneakers.  She glances at the camera slyly as she taps the gas repeatedly, shooting the tachometer way up!  Then she takes off her sneakers to do some sock revving.  The camera also….