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  • She’s been having car trouble with her Jeep and you have come over to help. She smiles at you and tells you to “Come over here.” as she walks to the car and gets in. She’s going to try and get it started while you watch. She’s a good ways….

  • Paige walks to the Jeep, gets in and the damn thing won’t crank! She pleads with it to start but when the temps drop outside, so does the will for the vehicles to start. Oh and that nice, new-looking vehicle in the window reflection…maybe ‘he’ left the keys to it….hmmm…..

  • Lot’s of errands, appointments and family/friends to see when you’re pregnant.  Paige has quite a few places to make it to and her car is being a piece of shit!  She keeps coaxing it to start, trying to be nice but it’s only responding with the big middle finger!  Ugh!!….

  • It’s a cold and rainy day, so Star wraps up in a beanie, big coat and a pair of rain boots to keep her feet from getting wet.  She’s 7 months along and wants to head out and start the old Coronet so she can take it out later.  It’s….

  • Star Cranks & Revs in Leopard Tights
    Starring - February 17th, 2012

    Star needs to get to her doctor for a checkup.  She’s due in a few weeks and wants to make sure everything still checks out properly with her pregnancy.  She gets in the Monte Carlo, gets adjusted and starts going through the process of getting it started.  It takes a….

  • Nikki Driving Barefoot & Pregnant
    Starring - March 29th, 2007

    Nikki does some barefoot driving and flooring in the Torino!  She stretches her toes out to push the pedal to the metal!  There are lots of footwell shots in this clip as well as some upper body camera angles and some shots looking out through the front windshield.

  • Nikki Revving in Flip Flops
    Starring - September 19th, 2006

    In this clip, Nikki sits in the Torino and does some revving in a purple tank top that shows off her cute pregnant belly, and some adorable flip flops.  Most of this clip is focused on her feet as she does some casual revving, and she gives you guys a….

  • Nikki Turning Around & Getting Stuck
    Starring - September 10th, 2006

    This is a semi-stuck video where Nikki is supposed to be turning around down into a steep, dirt “road” and then finds herself stuck.  That was the idea.  Watch as we try and try to get her stuck.  You see more rocks flying, peeling out and cranking than you do….

  • Nikki is leaving her Lamaze class, and she’s tired.  But her day’s about to turn sour when she realizes the Torino isn’t going to start so easy.  No one’s around to help her either since she stayed late to talk to her instructor about something.

  • In this clip, Kookie shows you how to rev a sports car – a Trans Am that is.  There are yummy foot shots of her revving in her open-toe black sandals – French manicure on her toe nails.  She’s revving so loud you can’t even hear her talking on her….