Tag: revving while coasting

  • Brooke Driving the Camaro SS – #609
    Starring - June 13th, 2015

    Brooke gets to play in the Camaro SS this afternoon and she takes advantage of every minute of it!  She’s wearing this sexy black dress that she’s pulled up a bit to show off a lot more of her leg and inner thighs.  Shes’ wearing a pair of patent stiletto….

  • I gave her a camera and the keys to the Camaro and turned her loose.  A perfect example of Mandie being Mandie and why we love the hell out of her!  Some cranking in the beginning, lots of driving, some revving while coasting and a whole lot of ‘Mandie flair’….

  • The Coronet needs to be moved from the bushes, tires aired up and driven to Cassandra’s for parking.  This is one of those clips that I just pointed the camera and filmed, letting Hana just do her thing.  Lots of cranking when moving the Coronet around and when she’s driving,….