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  • Lot’s of errands, appointments and family/friends to see when you’re pregnant.  Paige has quite a few places to make it to and her car is being a piece of shit!  She keeps coaxing it to start, trying to be nice but it’s only responding with the big middle finger!  Ugh!!….

  • Hana was in the area after riding some horses and I told her to come on by for some filming.  She shows up in her muddy riding outfit and I thought it would be great to get her to start and drive the Coronet in that outfit.  We both were….

  • Gina Cranking & Revving the Bus, 1 of 2
    Starring - July 10th, 2011

    Gina gets her first go in the VW Bus.  She’s wearing some tight riding pants and sexy boots when she goes to cranking it.  It doesn’t want to start so she keeps gently pumping the pedal, patiently waiting for it to crank.  She gets it to sputter to life and….