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  • We pick up in part 2 with Hana getting into the car again after making a stop.  The damn car doesn’t want to start again but this time, you can tell she’s pumping it too much and flooding it.  The car sputters and sounds like it’s on the edge of….

  • Hana has on a cute riding inspired outfit on and is ready to go to town.  Her old and mostly untrustworthy Cadillac is the choice of vehicle since she’s got some girlfriends waiting on her to pick them up.  She slides in behind the wheel,  puts the key in, primes….

  • Misty Late for Horse Show, 2 of 2
    Starring , - February 2nd, 2006

    Misty is dressed in her riding outfit and on her way to the horse arena.  She’s never been to this place before, and it’s almost time for her to compete.  Feeling rushed, she takes a back road to save some time and manages to get herself into a tight situation. ….