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  • “Let’s see if we can get this Monte Carlo started.” Jane says as she’s carefully walking on the gravel driveway to the car. It’s getting dark, she’s dressed in all black leather and PVC and you know a little bit of teasing is coming. “Are you enjoying this? Watching me….

  • She calls you to come help her out with her car trouble…again. But this time, she’s got a little surprise for you. She knows you seem to have a lil thing for her and when she asks you to get in the car while she cranks it she sees your….

  • Jane walks carefully on the wet ground in her black shiny stiletto pumps with an ankle strap. She gets in the Caddy, gets situated and spins the engine over. She pumps the big floor mounted pedal and you hear the soft *thump thump* of the pedal. It takes a couple….

  • Tinsley is filming as they both walk out to the Camaro. It’s finally stopped raining, so they plan to drive the Camaro over to park it for the day. Cassandra is behind the wheel first and gets it started after some slight struggling, backs out into the road and takes off…..

  • You’re standing outside the car when she walks up to the Coronet in her tight, shiny leggings and shiny pumps. She looks at you and says, “Get in for this one!” You climb in the passenger seat and watch as she gives you a cranking, revving and flooding tease show….

  • She knows you’ve been checking her out in the office.  She loves to wear cute & sexy office outfits but you seem to have a real fascination with the shoes she wears.  You love those shiny, high heeled pumps she wears often and it’s strange how you always seem to….

  • It takes a few tries to get the Monte Carlo fired up and she proceeds to rev it up before putting it in gear and hitting the road.  She mashes that pedal pretty good in this clip.  Those shiny red pumps look sexy as hell on that gas pedal!

  • Tinsley is dressed up a bit to go out for an evening on the town but with the cool, damp air present, the Volvo doesn’t want to start.  She begs the car to start as she keeps pumping the floor mounted gas pedal in her over-knee boots.  She calls her….

  • Vanna Stalled at the Bank
    Starring - September 4th, 2011

    Vanna is dressed up to go out with her boyfriend tonight but she’s stranded at the bank.  She stopped to get money and now her car won’t start.  She’s irritated that he’s not answering his phone when she really needs him.  Her mood to go out and party has now….

  • Getting Diva to Pump the Bug
    Starring - August 5th, 2011

    Have you ever tried getting your girlfriend or female friend to pedal pump for you?  If you’re a cranking fan, this video might be something like what you’ve done.  Mention that you need some help figuring out what is wrong with your car.  Instruct her what to do and then….