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  • Brooke Driving the Camaro SS – #609
    Starring - June 13th, 2015

    Brooke gets to play in the Camaro SS this afternoon and she takes advantage of every minute of it!  She’s wearing this sexy black dress that she’s pulled up a bit to show off a lot more of her leg and inner thighs.  Shes’ wearing a pair of patent stiletto….

  • She’s wearing this sexy satin dress with a black leather jacket over it along with sheer hose and white patent thigh high boots.  She’s in the Camaro, ready to make some noise!  She gets on it, getting up to speed pretty quick and throws it in neutral often to rev….

  • Hana Driving the Camaro SS – #516
    Starring - April 3rd, 2015

    This is the follow up to #515 with Hana.  She’s changed and ready to do some more fun driving in Shish’s Camaro SS.  Sorry for all the screaming and yelling she does but she’s having a good time in this powerful car.  She weaves through traffic, taking it up to….