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  • Jewels Loves Cranking Old Cars
    Starring - November 3rd, 2019

    I’m performing some very high-tech and labor intensive automotive engineering on the ’77 Camaro Z28 when Jewels drives by and stops to ask if she can try to start the car. Not really saying ‘Yes’ to her, she gets out of her car and excitedly gets in the Camaro. She loves….

  • Starting up the little old Bug and bring it back to HQ for some later videos. Her black leather pumps dangles off her foot when she pushes the clutch all the way down. She finally gets it started and revs it up some before struggling with the parking brake and….

  • She gets in the car and it takes a few tries to get going while she’s pumping the gas with her tan boots on. She leaves the parking lot and slides her boots while she’s on the road so she can drive with just her pantyhose covered feet. Her white-tip….

  • This video covers a few requests, one being the door buzzing/dinging sound when left open. More than a couple of you folks out there have emailed me about it and surprisingly, I found a clip to hopefully satiate your pallet. 🙂 It’s dark out and Hana is dressed up ready….

  • The video fades in with the hood up, Cassandra by the car and Britney trying to get it started with the door open. Looks like some girls are a bit stranded at the office. Britney is getting visibly frustrated at the car not starting while Cassandra keeps looking under the….

  • So much for doing the driving video we had planned.  Reese gives you guys a quick synopsis of the video we just did and how things aren’t going so well with the Monte Carlo.  As she talks, she keeps trying to get the Monte Carlo started as it’s being jumped….

  • Reese has recently made some folks not too happy with her.  She receives a mysterious call from an anonymous number that instructs her to meet this person or else they will release some damaging information against Reese.  She agrees and heads out the door.  What she doesn’t know is someone….

  • Vassanta Cranking the Bus – #266
    Starring - January 17th, 2013

    I want to work were Vassanta is trying to get to.  She has on a sexy red leather skirt, a deep ‘V’ neck top and a patent red pair of peep toe stilettos as her office outfit.  She doesn’t want to be late and could you imagine being a reliable….

  • Goddess Cranking & Smoking
    Starring - January 2nd, 2006

    Goddess is dying to do some cranking for you guys!  She enjoys being a flirt, so she won’t let the Bronco start up until she’s gotten you all hot and bothered while watching her crank it in her leather-looking skort and white elbow-length gloves while smoking a cigarette.