Tag: stalled out

  • It’s a pretty hot day, you can tell by how red Scarlet’s cheeks are. She’s leaving Wal-Mart after getting some things and her damn car is not starting. Various angles show her struggle to get the car to sputter and almost start time and time again…grrr!!! She’s getting frustrated because….

  • She wants to show you how loud her car is with the messed up muffler. She revs the car until it sputters and stalls out. She pumps the gas with her little size 6 vintage boots over jeans. She does this little gasp when the car stalls again, almost like….

  • Gotta get to the ‘office’ on time, which is made more difficult by her shitty car that is cranky in the morning. She gets in, puts her purse out of the way and starts spinning the engine over while quickly pumping that gas pedal. She’s wearing a leather jacket, leather….

  • No feet shots in this clip. This is a one-angle video of Nyxon driving the Coronet around. The camera is mounted high on the front windshield and gets most of her legs but cuts off just below her knee. She has trouble starting it up in the first few minutes….

  • You’re walking out to the car and told Mandie that she has to start the old beast. She’s wearing these super tall wedge sandals and when she gets to the car, she’s not real happy that she is the one that has to do this. You give her the keys….

  • This video picks up with Hana finally getting the old Monte Carlo turned around but the opening shot is pretty cool!  You see her tires smoking and the rut she just created from spinning the wheels is all smokey as well.  Anywho,  she’s backing up down the driveway now to….