Tag: tall socks

  • This clip shows Tyler walking to the Jeep, getting in and the damn thing fires right up. I mean right up! We can’t have that now, can we? So I cut, have her flood it out some and then you hear me tell her to start the scene again (forgot to edit….

  • Heading back to the house after making a stop at the store, Jane drives the old ’77 Camaro Z28 in a pair of tall socks with those orange colored cowgirl boots. She romps on the gas when coasting up to a red-light. That old Z makes girls want to make….

  • This clip is entirely from behind-the-pedals as Hana cranks the Camaro (with difficulty) in the parking lot and then drives back home from doing a little department store shopping. She’s driving through traffic, so lots of back-and-forth from the gas to the brake pedal. You get a bugs eye view….

  • She walks out to the Monte Carlo, gets in and fires it up. She starts revving the old v8 engine with her tall gray cowgirl boots and tall striped socks. She’s giving you a big, flirty smile as she revs the engine. After a bit, she kicks off just her….

  • The video starts with a slow pan from the boots the girls are wearing up to their tall socks, up their looong leather-clad legs and up to their big smiling faces! Cassandra gets behind the wheel first and romps on the gas pedal. After a bit, she swaps places with….

  • Star Revving the Monte – #539
    Starring - November 28th, 2015

    She does a little grocery shopping first in her outfit before doing some hard revving in the parking lot with some high school kids watching nearby. She isn’t shy about making some noise and throwing some exhaust their way! Get it girl!

  • Cassandra Revving the Jeep – #491
    Starring - November 20th, 2015

    She walks to the Jeep, gets in and fires up the Jeep to do some revving in the parking lot. She leaves the drivers door open and she gets the Jeep rocking by quickly hitting the gas pedal. After a couple of minutes, she takes her right boot off to….

  • Reese Revving the Jeep – #384
    Starring - May 29th, 2015

    She’s walking out of the store and crosses the large parking lot in her cowgirl boots and tall socks.  She hops in, starts up the car and starts romping on that gas pedal!  She slides off the boots halfway in the clip and starts revving up that motor in her….

  • Tall socks, itty bitty shorts and some pedal pumping in the old Coronet is what Kristen does in this video.  She makes a gas run in the old boat and fills her up while wearing those tall, white socks with her shorts.  Shoes?  Nah, who needs ’em?  She drives around,….

  • Hana Revving the Coronet – #241
    Starring - April 5th, 2014

    Hana is at the gas station, getting gas for the Monte Carlo.  It’s cold out and she’s trying to stay warm with a big sweatshirt, some tight leggings, knee high socks and a pair of black Boss rain boots.  Once the tank is filled up, she gets in the car….