Tag: tire spinning

  • She’s still at it, giving this little car hell!! She’s flooring the shit out of the gas pedal and in this second part, she throws in some two-foot slamming of the brake pedal to bring the car to a screeching halt! She will not go easy. The car will not….

  • Vixen Pedal Pumping in a Sexy Red Dress
    Starring - January 31st, 2007

    This is a laid-back casual video of Vixen driving the Torino and then trying to back up.  ShisH directs her in part of this video as she backs up, and in the midst of this, the Torino just dies for real!  She also does some MAJOR hard revving in the….

  • It takes Princess trying a little to get the Marquis started, and once she does, she gives it a few mild revs before she starts playing!  She spins the tires in the beginning and causes quite a bit of smoke, and then she just goofs around throughout the rest of….