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  • This is a self-filmed clip as Kate tries getting the little Uno fired up. She’s having battery issues and has to get out to reconnect the jumper cables she has attached to another battery. It might be out of gas as it’s not catching at all…wtf?!

  • You get a solid 11 minutes of Kate strugging in this little Uno as if you’re a bug on the floorboard. That right foot of hers pumping the gas pedal, desperately trying to get the car to start but it isn’t going to happen because she’s swamped the engine with….

  • Kate Starts & Revs 3 Dirty Cars
    Starring - March 6th, 2016

    Let’s see which ones will start and which ones won’t, shall we? Kate gets in the Galant first and after a few tries, the battery is sounding weak. She checks the cables under the hood, gets back in and it fires up! One successful startup out of one attempt. Not….