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  • Oh no, she got Robin Masters’ car stuck…shit! Mostly inside shots of her feet punching the gas pedal trying to get the car to move. You can hear the tires spinning outside. That is followed up with some footage of her tires spinning with some really good audio of the….

  • Jess Reversing Stuck in the Blazer in Boots
    Starring - January 22nd, 2017

    Wasn’t sure what was going to come of this clip when we started filming it. It’s not a genuine stuck clip, so don’t bitch because of [insert one of a million reasons here]. She’s mostly just trying to back up the somewhat muddy incline on the side of the house…..

  • It’s the next day and she has to try to make it through her chewed up driveway…again. She got stuck yesterday trying to leave but was able to use the Jeep to get it out. But later in the day, her Land Rover got stuck really bad and put giant holes….

  • She’s got Robin Master’s car and ready to rip up the roads with it but she’s gotta get it out of the yard first. It’s been a little damp today and she’s a little stuck in the yard. Fortunately the ground isn’t saturated and she’s able to get free and….

  • She didn’t think she could get stuck in a Jeep in her own yard! The ground is surprisingly slick and she finds out that just because it says ‘Jeep’ doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get stuck. Between the engine stalling out and her tires spinning in the mud, Vivian’s frustration….

  • Blegh, it’s a nasty day! Diana carefully walks down the deck stairs in her stiletto boots to get in the Jeep and head out. She can’t get the Jeep to start because the distributor is damp and it doesn’t like to start when it’s damp…wonderful!! Grr! So she walks over….

  • What better way to show a new model how things go around here than to throw her into the fire?! Cassandra is going to show JEM how to try and subdue the Monte Carlo into submission and move it from where it’s parked. Of course, I up the difficulty level….

  • It’s not super wet outside but that little are stay slick for a while. Scarlet is taking the old Monte Carlo to run some errands and has some difficulty getting it out of the bushes. Lots of stalling, spinning tires, cranking, revving and fast footwork from the gas to the….

  • Ok, so we’re back with these two gals and the Jeep keeps stalling out as Tyler tries to get it moved.  She tries covering her embarrassment by laughing but the nervousness comes through still, which is fine as it adds to the realism here.  Jenny is just cracking up because….

  • Her situation is getting worse by the second.  The car isn’t really moving much anymore as she’s dug a hole from spinning the wheels too much.  The car keeps stalling from her being too aggressive on the gas but it doesn’t really matter now as she’s sucked in by the….