Cassandra All Dressed Up for the Caddy That Won’t Start, 3 of 4
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Cassandra All Dressed Up for the Caddy That Won’t Start, 3 of 4

January 24th, 2023

Lots and lots of cranking the Caddy with mostly little success but there are some signs of life from it! It starts to sputter and chug more and at one point, it even semi-kinda-sorta idles…progress??

She disconnects the Camaro jumper cables and parks it out of the way because she thinks we’re almost there but the Cadillac plays tricksies on her. The battery starts to go weak again, so, back to hooking the Camaro back up. After that, she stops by the Jeep to change boots. I didn’t realize this until she was already into the black leather thigh highs. I was curious what she was doing over there though.

So yeah, back to the Cadillac to try to get it started…UGH!!

Crank and pump and pump and crank and crank and crank and pump and pump and FUCKING START!!!

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  1. Cassandra Mixed Multiple ( It Takes Two Days To Get The Cadillac Started – Two Different Outfits) Black Snake-Skin Boots & Black Leather Mid Calf Stiletto Boots / 1080i MP4 HD / Clips 1,2,3,4

    It’s a nice sunny day to see if Cassandra can get the Cadillac to start that’s easier said then done it takes her two days after killing the batteries in both the Cadillac and the Camaro. Cassandra is wearing a dark red leather jacket, dark blue dress, black snake-skin boots.

    Cassandra kills the battery in the Cadillac after about a couple of minutes she then goes out to the Camaro and tries to start the Camaro, she winds up killing the battery in that in a little over a minute the Camera fades when it comes back on Shish switches out the dead battery with a fresh one. The Camaro starts up. Cassandra moves the Camaro slowly in front of the Cadillac’s she opens the hood up.

    The hood on the Camaro is up opened up a little bit since it has a new battery in it. Shish is shooting a lot of upper as well as footwell video and a lot of wide angle video as she walks from the Cadillac to the Camaro and back. The Cadillac almost teased her pretending it wanted to start it did that few times, the engine didn’t even try to start, after close to 15 or 20 minutes trying to get the Cadillac to start they call it a day and give it another try the next day.

    Cassandra is wearing a different outfit she’s wearing a black leather jacket, black & white dress, black leather mid calf stiletto boots. Cassandra gets something out from the back of the jeep, she gets in the Cadillac the battery has a little bit of juice in it not very much, the battery dies on her again. Cassandra goes back to the Camaro moves it front of the Cadillac again, at least she’s learning how to jump-start a car the right way.

    After hooking up the jumper cables again she tries to get the Cadillac to start again after after close to 15 maybe 20 minutes at the most. I’m not quite sure on the time the camera faded out at least one maybe two times at the most. Shish must have squirted some starter fluid in the carburetor, the engine started right up, this made both Cassandra and Shish happy. Shish shoots some video of the Cadillac’s engine and the carburetor.

    Shish has Cassandra shut the engine off a couple of times to see if the engine would start it does, the engine belts sequel a little bit when she revs the engine not that loud. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra waves to the camera. The End.

    Cassandra you did a great mixed four part series in both the Cadillac and the Camaro your feet look sexy in snake skin boots and black mid calf stiletto boots. Shish your camera work great. Good work all!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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