Damara & Tiffany Stalled Side of Road

Damara & Tiffany Stalled Side of Road

November 12th, 2009

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Damara is on her way to pick up Tiffany from her work so they can head out.  But just Damara is on the street next to Tiffany’s work, the car dies.  Damara can’t get the car to crank and tries calling Tiffany but her cell phone is acting up.  Damara waits on the side of the road for someone to come help and some lovely young lady finally stops to offer assistance.  As Damara is getting help, Tiffany shows up as she started walking home.  The two girls try to get the Coronet started but it just isn’t working!

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  1. Between you to lovely ladies .I am enjoying a brand.new towel rack thanks again .hope I don’t sound selfish but you two never stop pumping and cranking y’all.are great

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