Jane Domino Sexy Revving the Camaro in White Wedges

Jane Domino Sexy Revving the Camaro in White Wedges

July 18th, 2019

This is a sexy and sassy clip from Jane Domino. She gets in the old 77 Camaro Z28, fires it up and does some good revving in these white platform wedges. She has this sexy little blue satin-like outfit on, some red lipstick and her hair all pulled up like a little beach-babe. Some great POV shots of those thick thighs as she pumps the gas pedal in the old car!

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  1. Jane Domino Revving The Camaro Z28 ( Shooting This Video Herself) White Strappy Wedge Heel Sandals / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s a nice to do some revving in the Camaro Z28 up where they used to keep the PTP fleet parked Jane is all dolled up she’s wearing a blue tank top, blue shorts, white ankle wedge heel strappy sandals, it could be a one piece outfit I could be wrong on that. Jane is shooting footwell video herself with her camera maybe a smart-phone, as she’s walking over to the Camaro she is careful where she’s walking the ground is very uneven. If Jane is not careful where she walks she might fall down.

    Jane gets in takes her about three tries to get the engine started she primes the carburetor just right, she gets the engine started she revs the big block V8 for about a minute before she shifts into reverse and backs up a little bit before she shifts back into park and gives the engine a mild to slightly hard revving of the Camaro’s engine. Jane is shooting footwell video of her sexy size 6.5 right foot as she works the gas pedal through the steering wheel.

    About at the halfway mark in the video Jane points the camera at her face showing us members how dolled up she is she did for us, that’s nice of Jane to do that for us members. Jane points the camera back at her feet and goes back to revving the Camaro for the rest of the video.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane has shut the engine off as she shoots video through the steering wheel. The End. Jane you did a great revving video in the Camaro, your feet look sexy in white wedge heel strappy sandals, you also did a great job shooting this video. Great Video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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