Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 6 of 6
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Jane & Veronica Go to the Parts Stores, 6 of 6

June 21st, 2024


So they’re now back at the previous store with Jane doing some business at the counter while Veronica just hangs around filming Jane’s boots and her feet in flip flops. Trying to be inconspicuous while filming. Jane does some boot heel tapping while she waits. She’s handed the parts and the girls leave…again.

They get in the car and Jane goes to start the car but it doesn’t start. Veronica is about to ask a dumb question but catches herself and changes the subject. Jane finally gets the car started and they head out, doing a little peeling out to whip out into traffic because it’s heavy right now. Veronica giggles because it’s like riding a roller coaster when Jane is driving.

Jane punches the gas when she’s able to find gaps in traffic and the girls chat a little in between.