Jeanell Sexy Driving the Monte Carlo

Jeanell Sexy Driving the Monte Carlo

April 26th, 2012

She’s taking the old Chevy for a spin and gives it a good workout too!  She does a lot of sexy leg rubbing, cute looks to the camera and makes the drive through town a bit more exciting.  She gets on it from time to time and even peels out at one point…put that foot down girl, yeah!! 🙂

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  1. Jeanell Driving The Monte-Carlo / Black Stiletto Pumps

    Jeanell is going on a drive shes driving her blue 1986 Chevy Monte-Carlo shes wearing a white sweater, multi colored top, dark blue skirt, black stiletto pumps. Jeanell has no trouble getting the Monte-Carlo started she gives the engine a couple quick revs she puts the gear shift in reverse she backs out of the drive way she gives the engine a little too much gas it dies on her Jeanell puts the gearshift back in park she restarts it with no problem. Jeanell puts the gearshift back in reverse she continues to back out of the driveway the engine dies again she restarts it again with no problem.

    Now that Jeanell has backed out of the driveway she puts th gearshift in drive she gives the Monte-Carlo some gas it almost died on her it didn’t, now Jeanell can go on her drive . Scarlet is getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots of Jeanell’s feet in those black stiletto pumps shes not wearing pantyhose her feet look sexy in them. Jeanell talks some through out the video, wile shes driving she raises her skirt just a little bit she doesn’t raise it that much about three inches at the most shes flirting with you. Jeanell is driving the Monte-Carlo pretty fast. I don’t know how fast shes going shes going at a pretty good clip.

    Jeanell turns around she looks in the rear view mirror seeing if anybody is fallowing her, wile she was lifting her skirt showing you her thighs a car pulled up besides her and got a little peek. Jeanell wasn’t going put up with that she slammed the brakes she explains in a few seconds why she slammed the brakes.Jeanell doesn’t let this bother her she keeps driving wile shes driving she sneezes and says”excuse me”

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jeanell says” see you later.” The End.

    Jeanell you did a great driving video your feet in those black stiletto pumps they sure look sexy in them. Scarlet your camera work as always great good work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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