We’re back at with Jeanell trying to get the Monte Carlo’s battery charged up enough to start. She’s revving the Volvo as you watch through the open drivers door and her left foot is on the ground. She’s revving it good for a while before trying again.
This is your last shot.” she says before trying the Monte Carlo again. The battery is good for the first few cranks. She’s careful not to pump it too much but you can hear the battery draining quickly again and not even a sputter from the old car. She drains the battery all the way in no time. She’s fed up, she’s done with it. She disconnects the jumper cables, closes the hood to the Volvo and decides to just rev the old Volvo for the rest of the video. You watch her black Converse sneakers with bright pink laces pump on the gas pedal from her point-of-view till the end.