Her car ran out of gas and she’s having to walk on the side of the road in her sexy little dress, pantyhose and some multi-colored platform pumps.  She’s embarrassed having to walk with her little gas can as cars drive by without stopping to help.  She puts the gas into the tank and sits in the drives seat with her legs out the car for a minute.  She dangles her shoe, twirls her feet and gives them a little rest after having made that trek for fuel.  She then starts pumping the gas, hoping to prime as much of the gas into the fuel lines as possible.  She starts spinning the motor over, pumping the gas and waiting for it to catch.  After a while with no luck, she shuts the door and slides her shoes off to pump the gas in her nylon clad feet.  After another few minutes of nothing, she finally gets it to catch and gives herself a shout-out for being awesome!