Riley Starting Hubby’s Old Coronet in Gray Boots, 1 of 2

Riley Starting Hubby’s Old Coronet in Gray Boots, 1 of 2

January 17th, 2019

You’re hanging out before leaving to make sure Riley can get her husband’s old car started. She has to keep it running while he’s out-of-town. She’s going to take it to town but only if it starts. You stand by the open drivers door as she tries getting it started. She looks at you and says she might of flooded it when it doesn’t start after a handful of tries. She gets the car to sputter some and it’s wanting to run, she just has to give it enough gas without flooding it. You move over to the passenger side and have a seat since this might take a bit.

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  1. Riley Mixed In The Coronet ( Trying To Start Hubby’s Old Car Is Going To Drive It To Town If She Can Get It To Start) Old Wore Out Gray Leather Knee High, High Heel Boots / Clip 1 Of 2

    It’s a nice day to go into town and do a little shopping Riley’s husband is out of town she has to start the Coronet now and then to keep it running. That is if she can get it to start she’s going to drive it into town to do a little shopping.

    The Coronet can be temperamental when cold starting today is no different, you her friend come over to watch her try to get it to start and help her if she wants it. Riley is wearing a denim jacket w/ holes in it, a white pullover shirt over a lite pink colored shirt, denim jeans w/ holes in them, gray wore out leather thigh high boots w/ high heels.

    Shish is shooting whole body video as Riley walks around the rear of the car and gets in through the drivers door, and upper and footwell video from the drivers door it’s open all the way, and upper and some nice closeups of Riley’s sexy size 6 right foot as she cranks and pumps the Coronets gas pedal from the passenger seat, she has to do quite a bit of cranking and pumping. Riley has quite a few false starts for about the first two or three minutes, she pumps the brake pedal a couple of times as she tries to get the engine to start.

    Riley gets the engine started after a couple of minutes, she talks to you her friend telling you she’s going to drive into town to do a little shopping if she can get the Coronet to start, so far it looks like the engine is going to stay running as she revs it to warm it up for close to a minute. The engine dies on her Riley goes back to cranking and pumping the Coronet’s gas pedal.

    As clip one is coming to an end Riley is struggling to get the Coronet to start backup. What will Riley do? Keep trying hopping she can get it to start so she can drive it into town to do a little shopping. We will have to wait and find out in clip two in this two part series to find out how this ends. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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