Robin Masters: River Rips It Barefoot

Robin Masters: River Rips It Barefoot

April 8th, 2015

River takes Robin Masters’ car and gives it a nice, long barefoot flooring session!  The roads are wet, so she can spin the wheels a good bit when she punches it!

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  1. Robin Masters: River Driving Fast & Burning Rubber On The Ford Fusion / Barefoot / 1080I MP4 HD

    River has had a hard day at work Robin Masters has rented 2014 Ford fusion she’s going to do some fast driving and burning some rubber. River takes her shoes and socks off her feet before she backs out of her parking spot, as she drives fast and stops from time to time she puts the gearshift in reverse she backs up some drops the gearshift in drive and burns some rubber. River is wearing dark sun glasses,lite black t-shirt, lite black shorts, barefoot

    It rained either earlier in the day or the day before you can see that the street is still wet from the rain. River makes left and right turns as she drives on some of the rural back roads. River is careful not to scare anybody she picks the right spots to stop and burn rubber, she talks to us through out the video wile shes driving. I’m assuming Robin Masters is shooting this video he gets a mixture of upper and some great footwell video of rivers feet it looks like she wears a size 7 ½ B shoe she has sexy bare feet as her right foot works the brake and gas pedals.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen River is driving down the road having a good time driving fast and burning rubber. The End. River you did a great driving and burning rubber video, we don’t get many of those, your feet look sexy barefoot. Robin you did a great job shooting this video.

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