Rockell Starbux Early Morning Cold-Start Issues, 2 of 2

Rockell Starbux Early Morning Cold-Start Issues, 2 of 2

March 30th, 2019

Hopefully she can get the Jeep started so she can go jump-off the Monte Carlo. It turns over a little slower than normal because of the cold. She pats the dash and rubs the steering wheel to encourage the old Jeep to start up for her. It responds by sputtering, which gets her excited. She keeps on encouraging the car but it just isn’t staying running. She stops to give the car a break for a few moments before trying again. That seemed to do the trick because she finally gets it cranked up. She gives it some good revs with her high heeled boots while patting the dash and rubbing the steering wheel as a ‘thank you’ to the car cooperating for her.
By the time she gets it over to the Monte Carlo, she doesn’t want to fool with it now and leaves it for another time…all that work and struggling for nothing!

*Sorry about the poor filming at a few spots.

One thought on “Rockell Starbux Early Morning Cold-Start Issues, 2 of 2”

  1. Rockell Starbux Mixed Multiple( The Monte-Carlo First Then The Jeep) Black Leather Gloves & Black OTK Leather Boots / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 2 Of 2

    As we continue from clip one Rockell is cranking and pumping the jeeps gas pedal the battery has a full charge, the starter isn’t spinning as fast as it should because it’s so cold outside. The engine comes close to catching a couple of times. Shish is shooting whole body and footwell video from the front passenger door it’s open, after a few minutes Shish shuts the passenger door and walks around the rear of the jeep shooting video of the exhaust as Rockell struggles to get the jeep to start so she can get to the store early so she can get on those great deals.

    Shish is now shooting video of the drivers door as Rockell stops cranking for about a minute she opens the drivers door she gets gets out to stretch her legs, she looks at her right wrist she realizes she forgot her watch, great what else can go wrong. Rockell gets back into the jeep she gives it another go at it, her right foot must be a swamp from all that pumping of the gas pedal shes done.

    The battery is beginning to get weak pretty fast finally Rockell gets the engine started she gives it a good revving so she can get the jeep warmed up that and recharge the battery before she backs the jeep away from the garage and slowly moves the jeep parking it in front of the Monte-Carlo’s grill, she pops the hood on the jeep, she’s about to raise the hood on the jeep. Rockell has second thoughts she goes back into the house to change before she jump-starts the Monte-Carlo. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Rockell walks back into the house to change clothes. The End.

    Rockell you did a great two part mixed series in both the Monte-Carlo and the jeep your feet look sexy in those black leather OTK boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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